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There are many mysteries in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), ones which fans will puzzle over for almost 2 years until Star Wars 8 is finally released. The deleted scenes have already answered some of our burning questions, like whether Kylo Ren knew Darth Vader was redeemed (he did). But sometimes the footage which was cut from the film only creates more mystery, like the unidentified boy from Rey's Force vision...

Rey Sees The Future & The Past

This is one of the most intriguing and poignant parts of The Force Awakens, as Rey finds the legendary Skywalker lightsaber and plunges into a vivid and intense Force vision.

Rey finds the Skywalker saber.
Rey finds the Skywalker saber.

There are many scenes incorporated into this vision including the corridors of Bespin, Luke Skywalker after Ben Solo slaughtered his Jedi students, and the Knights of Ren. In an excellent move by J.J. Abrams, Obi Wan's voice can actually be heard in this scene, talking to Rey...

"Rey… these are your first steps."

This was achieved by layering Alec Guiness's lines from the original trilogy over Ewan Macgregor's new recordings.

Obi Wan can be heard in Rey's vision.
Obi Wan can be heard in Rey's vision.

Clearly, there's a lot going on in Rey's vision, but the filmmakers had initially planned to incorporate more scenes, such as the fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. And one of these scenes might contain a vital plot hint.

Who Is The Little Boy?

In the hunt for deleted footage, The Force Awakens official novelization is invaluable. The book was written from the film's shooting script, which means that we get a glimpse at a few scenes which didn't make the final cut. The book is essentially an extended version of the film, and the cut footage might be setting up plot threads for Episode 8. Here's the most interesting part of Rey's vision...

Someone, somewhere, somewhen, spoke her name.
"Hello?" she called hopefully, but received no answer.
A boy appeared at the end of the hallway. She started toward him, and the world turned inside out, causing her to trip and fall.
Rey in the hallways of Bespin.
Rey in the hallways of Bespin.

Obviously, this part of the script was written out with the intention of it being filmed, but J.J. Abrams later decided to cut it, for whatever reason. Everyone else we see in Rey's vision is of vital importance to the story: Kylo Ren and his Knights, a brief flash of Luke Skywalker, and Rey herself as a child. So who could the boy be?

Endless Possibilities...

And now begins the speculation. Considering the Star Wars movies are populated almost exclusively with male characters, especially when speaking roles are concerned, the boy could be literally anyone. Here's a list of likely candidates, from the people who we already know are important to the story.

Could Rey be remembering Ben Solo?
Could Rey be remembering Ben Solo?

For me, it's more interesting to consider that the boy is actually someone we haven't encountered before, perhaps someone who will be important to the plot of Star Wars 8. Some fans have already suggested that the boy is Rey's lost brother, possibly her twin. He could also be one of Luke's Jedi students, who either survived the massacre or is appearing to Rey as a Force ghost.

Until Episode 8 is released, we won't know how much relevance this deleted scene has to the plot. But it does seem very intriguing, especially if this is a new character who has yet to be introduced. Keep your eyes on the casting announcements!


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