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Netflix now knows exactly what it user wants after a long tiring day.

Netflix Inc. is turning out to be human’s best friends, as mostly the people now prefer to spend their daily time with the streaming platform. It is a common practice now that every streaming subscriber searches for approximately two minutes to find his/her perfect content fit. Sometimes they just give up and either ask for recommendations from other viewers or go randomly with the suggested searches. Now, this is all in the past.

Netflix knows what its viewers actually want and it might eliminate the practice of searching before selecting content. The streaming giant is now aware of this action, which is why it decided to revamp and renew its recommendation algorithm that would help in selecting content. Netflix will not lose its subscriber and will keep him/her occupied as per their liking.

Netflix officially announced on Wednesday that its engineering team has been working on new algorithms, which will totally change the way recommendations system use to work. The researchers at the streaming service provider found in their study that a normal streaming subscriber will easily lose interest or will move on to something else such as prerecorded programs or surf the internet if they fail to find content in a minute or so.

The chief product officer, Neil Hunt, wrote in a blog published in ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, “The user either finds something of interest [within the first 60 or 90 seconds] or the risk of the user abandoning our service increases substantially.” The vice president of product innovation, Carlos Uribe, also agreed with Neil Hunt’s statement and believed that a ‘typical’ user would be annoyed if he finds nothing at all on the platform.

Prior to its famous global expansion plans and original programming, Netflix was popular for its recommendation systems and it used to give more time in improving it for the users. The focus is still the same but it did not get the same spotlight as other activities of the streaming service platform. It has a highly skilled team of engineers who are behind the designs of these algorithms and it has been ‘long lauded’ for the perfect online movies and TV shows suggestion to its subscribers. All of it is done based on users’ viewing history.

In recent years, the company spent much money and time in making its recommendation system the best out there in the market. Mr. Uribe wrote in the blog post, “After an entire year, efforts from dozens of teams across the company, and intensive research, we developed and deployed a global recommendation system that will benefit Netflix members across the world.”


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