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*Comic spoilers lay ahead*

Who is Negan, why should I be scared? Who is Lucille? & what did he do that's so bad that everyone is freaking out? Please explain!

Well never fear, because again! The Professor is here to explain all those questions after a fantastic return to our TV's this past week! Slashing, team building, RPGS & lakes of fire! Whoa! All things we need in our lives come Valentines Day!

Who is Negan

So Negan, he first appears in issue #100, he leads the group called the saviours and in the comics he goes to 3 camps including the Alexandria safety zone and ensures all camps 'employ' his group for protection, He's widely known in the comics as the main antagonists in the comic book series, he's also widely well known for his first appearance due to one thing and one thing only and that is that he killed one of the main characters straight off the bat (Sorry a Lucile joke there) and that character was none other than Glenn! I know our beloved Pizza delivery guy who won the farmer girl’s heart actually dies! Ughhh, but when the now 4 communities join together they decide to incarcerate Negan with a life sentence.

He had a run from 17 - 22 and is still widely regarded as the biggest villain of the series, what unsettles me the most is that this guy is still alive!

The reasons he's alive still? He’s an intelligent & logical man! But what's the bad side? he's a psycho who loves nothing other than mayhem, in the series he has that sense of humour that is absurd and he says things just for that shock value, as far as mental state goes he's clearly completely crazy & unstable, but despite smashing Glenn’s skull in, he has a sympathetic side which has been seen on a few occasions & the main occasion was when dealing with Mr Carl Grimes himself, yup! without spoiling too much let's say these two cross paths when Carl kills a bunch of Negan's men and he spares his life, out of character I know. Negan possesses one element to his character which is he's reared by rules, rules he has set and he sticks to them, his goal is to rebuild civilisation and one example of this is when one of his men tries to rape a woman, Negan kills the man & states:

“If my men are to commit rape, then their goal of rebuilding civilization can never be achieved.”

So when we look at Negan we can see that none of the previous season’s men really even come close to this character, he's clever, psychotic, on edge & entertaining and I truly feel TWD will get its very own joker with this guy.

Should I be scared?

Plenty of our beloved Alexandrians are going to die......This guy is known for calling people out to stab him in the throat and no one has even done it, let me reiterate that this man is still alive, there's still plenty of room for him to F#$K stuff up.

Lucille, who?

I hope that when you see the above picture that really explains how crazy this guy is, not only has he named his trusty weapon with an actual name, but he's making his point made during clearly a battle with walkers, Oh god I love this guy! Now, cast your minds back to February last year when Glen and Noah go to his old home/sanctuary and Glenn holds a baseball bat, yeah, a little reference there.

How will this come across on the TV only the producers know but one thing for this year that I am truly excited for is this man's portrayal, I mean in my dream casting I got the man I wanted, I mean have you seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Watchmen?

With the ability to portray fantastic characters at all levels and also portray a well known and loved DC character "The Comedian" so for me it bodes well, and I truly have what I wanted all along, Marvellous.

Now just my last bit, rumours have circulated recently and a video surfaced of said actor on the set of TWD killing someone in the 'Finale' now, I have documented my thoughts as to who will die & you will riot!


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