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If you haven't seen episode 14 of Supergirl titled 'Truth, Justice and the American Way', then you may want to look away.

If you are still with me then I'll continue. During a fight with the villain of the episode, Master Jailer, Kara has a dig at him about his outfit. The line she says is "I thought masks were only big in that other city".

Supergirl squaring off against Master Jailer.
Supergirl squaring off against Master Jailer.

This got my geeky attention faster than you can say "Holy which city did she mean Batman?"

It brought up a few interesting questions for me.

Exactly What City Did She Mean?

There are a few different cities Kara could have been talking about and each one poses different questions. The immediate ones I came up with were Star City, Central City and last but not least Gotham City. Whichever one you look at makes it quite interesting for future episodes.

Was She Talking About Star/Central City?

This would be the obvious choice due to what shows we have on TV at the moment. What doesn't make sense is why Kara knows about them but they have never mentioned the flying girl up until now. I know the shows try to keep things close to home, but don't you think Oliver and Team Arrow or Barry and Team Flash would have said something by now.

Supergirl and The Flash on set.
Supergirl and The Flash on set.

In an upcoming episode we are already aware Kara and Barry will be teaming up to fight Silver Banshee. It's also now clear they will have Livewire to deal with.

from L-R, Livewire and Silver Banshee
from L-R, Livewire and Silver Banshee

This doesn't mean she was refering to Central City though. If she was, wouldn't she have said cities? Why mention where one hero lives but not the other.

The reason for this I believe is because Supergirl is set in a different Earth. I'm going to call it Earth 3 just because it's easier to do so. This would also explain why there has been no mention of Supergirl on Arrow or The Flash.

Did Kara Mean The Home Of The Batman?

I like to believe this is more likely. I think she was talking about Gotham City, where there is a masked vigilante on the loose. Maybe her super cousin has told her about it during one of their text conversations?

If you recall the epiosde of Arrow where Felicity got her codename "Overwatch." This was the same episode Oliver said "Oracle had already been taken."

Does this mean Batman is operating on Earth One? Could it be maybe Superman hasn't revealed himself just yet?

What do you think? Did anyone else pick up on that line and if so, what did you make of it?


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