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There's no end in sight to the amount of box office carnage Wade Wilson will wreak.

Though it started selling tickets earlier during an unprecedentedly large pre-opening, Deadpool officially debuted in Korea this past weekend. With its earnings extending between February 13-21 across 1,035 screens, Deadpool earned an impressive $11.7 million at the Korean box office.

That Figure Has Propelled 'Deadpool' To Another Record

The movie's opening weekend beat Kingsman: The Secret Service as the biggest non-Korean R-rated release ever.

At this point, it seems as if Deadpool is an unexpected juggernaut that just can't be stopped. You just have to look at some of its earlier records to see how successful this movie really is.

At the American box office, Deadpool had the largest R-rated opening of all time ($132.4 million), largest four-day Presidents' Day weekend ($152.19 million), and the biggest February Monday of all time. It was also the first R-rated film to open above $100 million and the first film in a year to open over that huge figure.

With more and more people and international markets hopping on the Deadpool train (and with a sequel already green-lit), there's no end in sight for the world's new favorite antihero, and it's easy to see why:


Do you think 'Deadpool' will revolutionize the genre?

(Source: Variety)


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