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This is a 100% spoiler free review. Read on at your leisure.

Deadpool, being an R rated superhero film, works. It works really well. Sadly, though, being R rated also hits one of its biggest weaknesses. It is not a film the entire family can go and watch. It is raunchy, disgusting, bloody good fun, but even I got a little sickened by some of the jokes, however funny they may have been. Deadpool is still a phenomenal film overall, even if the whole plot is very Super Mario-ish. More on that later.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no stranger to dirty humor. Lunch time in highschool was filled with jokes that would put a sailor's potty-mouth to shame. The humor in Deadpool is consistent and hilarious. Even when certain jokes didn't hit the mark, there were more than enough that did. The now infamous 12 bullet scene had my girlfriend and I cracking up. That's the fun of Deadpool; He routinely makes mistakes that would wind up killing any other super-person. I say super-person because Deadpool isn't really a hero.

Promotional Art for Deadpool
Promotional Art for Deadpool

For those unaware of the so called "Merc with a Mouth"s powers, Deadpool can heal incredibly quickly and is remarkably agile. He also breaks the 4th wall, meaning that he is well aware that he is in a movie or comic book, and knows you are watching him at all times. This leads to some clever jokes for the movie, which Ryan Reynolds capitalizes on in the best of ways, often playing on the expectations of the viewers.

Deadpool is a character I have loved for a few years now. That being said, I was very weary going into the movie. Usually, when things I like get capitalized upon, they appeal to the majority instead of the die-hard fans. I thought Deadpool was going to be filled with butt jokes, To be honest. However, I was very pleasantly surprised.

The weakest part of the entire movie was the plot. Basically, Wade Wilson (Deadpool's actual name) takes part in the Weapon X program, which he goes into to cure his cancer. This leaves his girlfriend, Vanessa, alone for years. Eventually, Deadpool's captors kidnap Vanessa and hold her hostage, waiting for Wade to appear and save her. It is the typical damsel in distress, "Princess Peach is in another castle, go save her" story.

That being said, it isn't a bad story. Just a predictable one. Deadpool's humor is really what ties it up in a neat little package. I will definitely be picking up Deadpool when it is released on DVD, and I'm looking forward to Deadpool 2, which is already confirmed.


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