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It's official: American Horror Story's Murder House is/was available on Airbnb.

The Alfred Rosenheim Mansion was briefly available to rent on the famous house-share website. What could be better than living next to Jessica Lange's Constance Langdon chatting about the grisly demise of the Harmon family over a pot of tea?

Well you could. For just $1,450, you and 15 of your friends can rent the exclusive nine-bedroom house (ghosts and all). A famous L.A landmark, the actual Murder House has been a backdrop for the likes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The X-Files and The Twilight Zone. Murder House didn't give the Harmon family a restful night's sleep, but maybe you could fair better.

So in honor of Murder House's presence on Airbnb, here are the other 10 places you could give a one (or five) star rating to on Airbnb, or if you had any sense, avoid altogether.

1. Kappa Kappa Tau ('Scream Queens')

KKT is THE coolest house on the block. I mean, come on, Ariana Grande lives here! There is an extensive "closet vag" and Chanel Oberlin's morning wake-up call of "morning, sluts," is sure to get the day off to a flying start. The jewel in Wallace University's crown also served as the coven in American Horror Story, so stick that in your scrapbook. Sure, there has been a recent spate of murders from the mysterious Red Devil Killer, but this is nothing to worry about. Security officer Denise Hemphil (Niecy Nash) as well as Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) are on hand. If you can survive your stay at KKT, why not join us in Season 2?

Pros: Being insulted by Emma Roberts

Cons: Loose serial killer on campus

2. 1428 Elm Street ('A Nightmare On Elm Street' franchise)

One, two, Freddy's coming for you... Child killer Freddy Krueger didn't stop when the townsfolk burned him alive, returning to wreak havoc on the next generation(s) of Elm Street kids. A young Heather Langenkamp was locked in 1428 Elm Street while an even younger Johnny Depp got sucked into his bed in a neighboring house. While Freddy moved around a bit, he would always return the horror to 1428 Elm Street.

Pros: Free use of international phone calls

Cons: Bad night's Sleep

3. The Firefly Ranch ('House Of 1000 Corpses')

The twisted family of clowns and freaks tortured young and attractive travelers in the American backwoods during House Of 1000 Corpses, before hitting the road in sequel The Devil's Rejects. Hospitable homeowners include buxom Baby and her brother Otis, ruled over by the manic Mother Firefly. Don't rule out an impromptu appearance of the kids' creepy clown daddy Captain Spaulding. A secret underground lab belonging to Dr. Satan is a must visit. They don't call this the House of 1000 Corpses for no reason! Rob Zombie films at their slapstick-gore best.

Pros: Nightly entertainment

Cons: Not suitable for those who suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns)

4. The Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute ('House on Haunted Hill')

If a night with Geoffrey Rush and Famke Janssen doesn't sway it for you, then nothing will. Visit the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute if the stresses of today's 9-5 are getting you down. Originally an asylum until 1931, a large fire killed off all of the staff and patients bar five of the staff. Unfortunately those who died decided that they quite liked the Institute, and under the tutelage of Dr. Richard B. Vannacutt, they are there today. Indulge in some electroshock therapy, or take a time out in the lobotomy ward. As an added bonus, anyone who can survive the night is $1,000,000 richer... "Funky old house, ain't it?"

Pros: Medical assistance on hand 24/7

Cons: Owners currently in messy divorce

5. Katie and Micah's house ('Paranormal Activity')

Flying pans, sleepless nights and the odd baby abduction, Katie and Micah's house is the non-stop party place. There is also the roomy addition of a large basement to be dragged down into. Modern facilities and recently renovated, even the newly installed security system couldn't stop Katie being possessed by the devil. Well if you make a pact with a demon, what do you expect. Psychic Dr. Fredrichs did warn the pair not to make contact, but curiosity (quite literally) killed the cat. You too can try out the extensive house - recently sold in real life!

Pros: Babysitting services on hand

Cons: Owner is possessed by Satan

6. Hewitt House ('Texas Chainsaw Massacre')

With its plantation style vibe and a real family community, the Texas Hewitt farmhouse is one of those places you can while away a summer's eve, or pick as your final resting place for the rest of eternity. Be sure to check out Leatherface's masquerade ball, just make sure you don't end up as the mask. The inbred family are something of celebrities in the local town and their interior design skills are second to none. A Pottery Barn of ornately made human bone furniture, lightly decorated with human skin. It makes Ikea look tacky.

Pros: Family run business

Cons: Adjacent slaughterhouse

7. Cabin ('Cabin in the Woods')

Hollywood has a thing about cabins, going from an isolated woodland retreat, to a place of torture in hell. Whether it is your skin peeling off in Cabin Fever or running into a chainsaw wielding Ash from Evil Dead, a cabin often doesn't offer the R&R it advertises. Why not spend the night at the cabin from Cabin in the Woods. Sure it may have a nifty medical facility lurking in its bowels and is run (randomly) by Sigourney Weaver; unfortunately if you don't play the game right you could be joined by a whole host of demons, bring round the end of the world and be filmed making out with a wolf's head.

Pros: Sigourney Weaver is a guest

Cons: Gateway to hell in the basement

8. House of Wax ('House of Wax')

Who could forget Paris Hilton's (brief) foray into the world of acting? Ranking up there alongside her music career, Hilton played a blonde bimbo in the 2005 remake of House of Wax. A whole town made of creepy mannequins, which were actually victims encased in wax. Sure the company is a little 'stiff,' but a night in the House of Wax is a must visit on anyone's tour of America. The ghost town of Ambrose means that you will be left undisturbed. Quite why anyone would open a wax museum in the first place clearly had an unusual business model. Unfortunately the house burned/melted to the ground in the finale, so we won't be visiting any time soon.

Pros: No smoking

Cons: Paris Hilton once stayed here

9. Overlook Hotel ('The Shining')

Heeeeeeere's Jonny! With its own murder maze and hundreds of years worth of history, The Overlook Hotel offers you that peace and quite from the busy world of day to day life. There was always a party going on, and chef Dick Hallorann is never far away to whip up a quick snack (as long as he can get the axe out of his back). While staying at The Overlook why not go for a brisk walk around the grounds, but be sure to wrap up in furs; it gets awfully cold this time of year. Also please be aware that the 1st floor elevator currently has a blood issue, there is an old lady in room 237, and the previous caretaker's children are known to haunt guests. If you want to stay in the actual Stanley Hotel (used for the film) you can check it out here.

Pros: Extensive grounds

Cons: Heating broken

10. 742 Evergreen Terrace ('The Simpsons')

Arguably the worst offender on the list. For 26 episodes years, the Simpsons's family homestead has held host to everything from Indian burial grounds, to human donuts and a courtroom of the damned. Who could forget when Pierce Brosnan went all Hal 2000 as the murderous automated house in 'House of Whacks'? If Marge's nagging and living with Homer Simpson isn't bad enough for you, how about the actual spawn of Satan (Bart Simpson), who is no Dennis the Menace. While recent 'Treehouse of Horror' episodes haven't lived up to the likes of 'Dial Z for Zombie,' 742 Evergreen Terrace is still the scariest place to stay!

Pros: Stay with one of the world's best known families

Cons: Nosey neighbors

Where else wouldn't you want to Airbnb? Sound off below!


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