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As the second-most torrented series of 2015, The Walking Dead only trails behind Game Of Thrones as the go-to show for illegal downloads. As a result, AMC is clamping down on piraters by way of new security technology, which promises to make distributing illegal copies much more difficult.

With new digital watermarks, AMC is extending this enhanced protection to other shows beyond The Walking Dead, including Better Call Saul and Humans. As a result, if any files make their way to piracy sites, the company can easily sniff out the source of the leak, like walkers to human flesh.

AMC will now know exactly who to blame when an episode spreads across the Internet

Though the new measures won't directly prevent content from being copied and downloaded, the watermarks will point directly to the parties responsible for the leak (AMC presumes those will be international distributers and their subcontractors).

AMC seems to be taking a more concerted approach to protecting its properties, and this plan seems to be working.

Torrent Sites May Already Be Feeling The Effects Of A Larger Takedown Push

According to TorrentFreak, many episodes from the most recent season are nowhere to be found on the popular torrent site KickassTorrents and Torrentz, the widely used search engine. Episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9 from Season 6 have disappeared, making this an extremely effective DMCA takedown.

Savvy viewers are still finding covert ways to spread their Walking Dead files, but AMC is more committed than ever to preventing the illegal distribution of its content.

For all the fans of the show who rely on illegal means to watch:

(Source: Variety)


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