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The big finale of The X-Files miniseries?

Okay now I have felt that this season has been a mixed bag for the most part, but I was looking forward to the finale because it continued off of the very first episode. Now that the finale is here, I could've waited a while for this to come. This wasn't really a finale? Nothing was resolved and it just felt incomplete.

The episode focuses on Scully trying to figure out to create a vaccine using her own DNA and Mulder once again confronting the smoking man as well as the big plot that this series has built up to finally being revealed!

People are starting to get sick and Scully learns from a past character that the smoking man is behind it all and injected certain people with alien DNA and those people will not be infected with the virus. This leads to her trying to create a vaccine in a hospital full of growing sick people as well has trying to vaccine her friends and loved ones. Mulder is also missing! But not for long as we find out he was attacked by a thug who was sent from the smoking man because he wanted to save Mulder. After disappearing he makes his way to the home of the smoking man and confronts him to find out why he wants to see him.

It all builds up to the secret over arcing plot that the smoking man has personally selected people who will be able to survive from the virus released while the rest of the population will die. Nothing is never really made clear and the motive makes sense but I have a hard time still believing that this guy is still this powerful and wasn't taken down in the old series.

Scully makes her way through crowds of sick people who are beginning to loose control and begin to destroy everything. She isn't too far from Mulder and when they gets to him she realizes that her vaccine wouldn't be enough to help him. At that moment a UFO shows up from above them and its insinuated that it is their alien son. Leaving the finale on a cliffhanger.

Honestly I don't know if I can still be exciting for another X-Files season. It was nice to see the return of the characters, but nothing was done with them. They were just doing the exact same thing as they were doing from previous seasons, no growth was made and nothing has changed. As for this episode alone, it wasn't that good and the cliffhanger was a little embarrassing. I would hope if they make another season that they significantly improve the story telling.

Rating: D

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