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Sooooooooooo, On January the 12th-the very first episode of 'Shadowhunters' was released, and I have to admit that it's pretty damn good !

The show in based on the book series, 'The Mortal Instruments' but the makers of the TV show have changed the story ... quite a lot ... so not everybody realizes this was originally a book series, not a TV series. However, as well as a book and TV series - The Mortal Instruments has also been made into a film, but sadly the film didn't get very far due to the lack of money and fans.

I definitely think that, eventhough the TV series doesn't completely match up with the story line it is a brilliant inside view of the shadow world and also we all have to admit the new actors are to die for !! I mean who could deny a bit of .....

Im also loving the whole Malec situation like what could be better than Magnus + Alec .... Yep ... MALEC !

So goddamn cute !
So goddamn cute !

But then there's Clace and I feel bad for leaving out Clary and Jace !

And then ontop of everything I can't help but love a bit of Simon and Izzy ! Cough Cough *Sizzy*


Aswell as romance the TV series is ram packed with comedy, like Magnus perhaps ....

Aha that Magnus banter is just off the charts! hahah

Well thats it for today guys ! I will upload daily and I will add more than this but ta ta !


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