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Are you a nerd about something? If so, you're in good company (me included). Chances are though, you have significant others, friends, family, or co-workers that aren't. Really, that's not a big deal. Everybody has things that interest them. When you're close to someone though, you no doubt want to share in the things they love! I've experienced this, and it seems there isn't one home on the internet for answers to simple questions about franchises, movies, video games, and anything else you might be interested in. I decided to try my hand at fixing this problem. Here are 5 basic facts about Star Wars.

1: Star Wars is both Science Fiction and Fantasy

What does that mean? Science fiction and fantasy are, for the most part, two separate genres. Science fiction focuses a story on scientific strides that haven't been made yet. One common thread is deep space travel and exploration. Star Wars is set in another galaxy and features spaceships that go to multiple planets. Fantasy is the genre that incorporates non-realistic properties such as magic, superpowers, monsters, and so on. Star Wars features a living force that encompasses the galaxy and can be used to move objects, affect minds, and see the future.

2: Star Wars was created by George Lucas

George Lucas is known for making Star Wars. He came up with the basic story, style, and settings. His team created new technologies that lead to computer graphics as we know them today. George worked with some of the greatest creative minds in Hollywood to make Star Wars which many believe caused it to stand the test of time.

3: Star Wars pioneered CGI

Before Star Wars, films used physical props and models to convey things that weren't possible to film like space exploration. To create realistic looking lightsabers and blasters (laser weapons) George Lucas asked a team of engineers to find a way to use computers to make visual effects. This was technology that was pretty much non-existent then. Today we see movie like Avatar and The Jungle Book which utilize primarily computer generated graphics.

4: Star Wars was made out of order

George had a vision for 6 movies when he began working on Star Wars. The first three movies required setting and effects that weren't at all possible back then (around 1975). He decided to start with movies 4-6 and later on, create 1-3 if that was a possibility. Star Wars episodes 4-6 were released in the late '70s and early '80s, while 1-3 were released in the late '90s and early 2000s.

This is confusing, believe me, I know. If you're wondering which order you should watch them in, you're walking into an area of much nerdy debate, however, George intended them to be watched in order, from 1 to 6. It's really up to your own discretion. This Big Bang Theory clip may help:

5: Star Wars focuses on the Skywalker family

Star Wars follows the stories of the Skywalker family. Episode 1-3 focuses on Anakin Skywalker and his journey to becoming a Jedi Master during a time of war in the galaxy. Episode 4-6 focuses on Luke Skywalker and his journey from farm boy to intergalactic Jedi hero. The newest film focuses primarily on the heroes finding Luke after his disappearance.

I hope that cleared some things up for you! Star Wars can be complex, but once you figure it out I'm sure you'll love it like I do! Does someone you're close to often ask a question (or many questions in my parents' case) about franchises, movies, video games, etc? Does your loved one love something that you don't understand? Tell me about it! Leave comments and questions! Come back for more explanations! Still have questions about Star Wars? Please leave them in the comments section! Wondering about another topic? Tell me in the comments!


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