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Zach Snyder just gave us the biggest reveal yet. He tweeted out the picture above with Jason Mamoa showing the first glimpses of the Flash costume and Mira. No one is talking about the costume that is seen right up front. That black costume is NOT another Batman suit, so who does it belong to?


Nightwing courtesy of DC Comics
Nightwing courtesy of DC Comics

Yes! I've wanted a Nightwing movie since I was a kid watching Old Wounds of Batman the Animated Series. Notice the detailing on the suit, a very modern approach to the classic Rightwing emblem. The appearance is fully dark just like the Robin costume we saw in the Batman v. Superman trailer. This also makes sense with the rumors of Nightwing playing a major role in a Red Hood storyline in Ben Affleck's The Batman movie.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Nightwing on the big screen? How do you think he will fit in?


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