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I am just a movie nerd who likes to look at movies from a different perspective.

Christopher Nolan is arguably one of the greatest film makers of our time. His unique and realistic direction methods are no secret to us and that is what earned him such respect and praise in the industry. From Following to Interstellar, each movie proves his versatile skill to make a masterpiece in any genre. The best thing about him is that he doesn’t only make good films, but has inspired many by his works.

In my view, The Dark knight Trilogy has inspired every superhero movie that has followed in some way. Here is why I think so.

1. Superhero movies before Batman Begins were SUPERficial(pun intended)

Look at every superhero movie released before 2004 and you’ll know what I am talking about. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying they were bad. I am just saying that the characters did not have the depth that other “normal” movies have. Green Goblin could have been standing next to The Joker on the list of best characters in superhero movies if that was the case. What I think it did

2. The trilogy fused the gap between a superhero movie and a cult thriller.

Before this trilogy, superhero movies were seen as a different genre and they were not compared to mainstream thrillers or action movies. What it did was fill that gap with great direction and an awesome storyline. What these movies had was that you could be a hater of every superhero ever created, be a sucker for realism and still love the movies. Depicting fictional characters in such realistic way was what the director really succeeded in doing. Hell, as a 7 year old in India,I didn’t even know Bruce Wayne was Batman before I saw batman begins(prepare for mockery :P).

3. It set goals for other superhero characters to achieve.

From Ra’s Al Ghul to Harvey Dent to The Joker, every character in the trilogy was so well presented with their rightful on screen time and awesome origin stories(except THE JOKER, fan theories..anyone?) that it set goals for every sci-fi movie characters to achieve, be it Loki from the marvel universe to Khan from star trek.

4. And last, It gave us THE JOKER we deserved.

Usually it is not that easy to pick the best thing from a so well crafted trilogy. But in this case, there is one guy who stands out and it is none other than Heath Ledger’s representation of The Joker. The method acting and the artistic yet real portrayal of the clown prince was something every fanboy deserved to see. From the make up to the anarchist attitude, every thing was so perfect that I don’t think even Chris Nolan expected it to be like that.

After all those points, I think I can sum up by saying that Christopher Nolan has changed the way we look at superhero movies through his epic saga of Gotham’s Dark Knight. “He was the hero we deserved and also the one we needed then”. All I can hope is to see more movies the cinematic genius.


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