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Watching movies can be BREATHTAKING, but making movies can be WORLDTAKING.

Today, when we say a word "cartoon", the first thing that comes to our minds is Disney, Pixar or DreamWorks Pictures. Why nobody says Studio Ghibli and CoMix Wave Films? Why nobody mentions Totoro or Chihiro? Why? Well, maybe because anime is not so "animated" as we used to see? Or too difficult to understand? Yes, there are some of the reasons. But I am sure, that the one who starts their anime list with a right choice, won't be disappointed.

I discovered my love to anime from Pokemon. Even though its just a TV series and not as beautiful as feature films. I watched "Naruto", "Pokemon", "Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya", but these is just little flowers in the forest of beautiful trees. Of course, many of you heard about Hayao Miyazaki and his masterpieces such as "Spirited Away", "My neighbor Totoro", "From Up On Poppy Hill" etc. The picture "The Wind Rises" was the last creation in his career. BUT, I can say that most of his cartoons are not for children's understanding. Kids see bright colors and amusing characters, but hidden meaning is not available for little ones. Sometimes it is hard to see even for adults! What to say about children. For example, lets take the most popular anime, Academy Awards winner - "Spirited Away":

"Spirited Away"
"Spirited Away"

I won't talk about whole anime, I am going to tell and explain one scene. The scene where No face (black ghost with white mask) entered the bathhouse with Chihiro's help and while he eats a lot of food, he gives away little golden stones. Suddenly everything turns around and he'd eaten a creature, that was working in the bathhouse. Fear spread among guests. In this chaos, Chihiro tries to solve a problem (I don't wanna be a spoiler for ones who haven't watched it) and they meet. No face recognized her, because she was the one who let him in. He gives her many golden stones but Chihiro refuses, saying that she doesn't need this.
What can a child see? That, what I wrote and nothing more. BUT, this scene carries much more information and meaning than just golden stones. Well, in 1603—1867 this kind of bathhouses were like bardels and women who worked there turned a penny like prostitutes. And in this scene, No face shows that he wants Chihiro. Not for children, is it?

Lets talk about beauty and heart-touching moments. In movies of Makota Shinkai you will find everything: love, death, beauty, inspiration, nature, friendship, tears. My favorite picture of him is "5 Centimeters Per Second".

"5 Centimeters Per Second"
"5 Centimeters Per Second"

Great story about love, friendship that will leave a scar of beauty inside of you. Breathtaking colors, great plot and beautiful music- this is what makes Shinkai's cartoons pieces of masterpiece. You may not be in love, but this anime will help you to understand what do you feel when you find someone important in your life. It will show you good and bad sides, happy and breaking moments our life consists of. If you want to be impressed- go and watch it now. I DARE YOU!

“Maybe we tried to leave as much memories of ourselves with each other because we knew one day we wouldn't be together any more.”
“Maybe we tried to leave as much memories of ourselves with each other because we knew one day we wouldn't be together any more.”

Another great anime by Makoto is "The Garden Of Words". A story about sudden love that was born in rain, but found an obstacle- age. The atmosphere is so unbelievable, that even on sunny day you will feel that rain smell and wet air. Every drop is planned and every beam is reflected. Little details are seen in every little thing, that you may not even notice. Thats why you can re-watch it over and over again, because every time you watch- every time you see something new.

“A faint clap of thunder Clouded skies, Perhaps rain comes  Will you stay here with me?”
“A faint clap of thunder Clouded skies, Perhaps rain comes Will you stay here with me?”

But what is Anime? It is something different. What is the difference between anime and Disney movies? Answer: meaning. Kids see this as "strange, mommy-i-understood-nothing, funny", but adults will see something bigger and deeper. But what I love the most- mood. Many people say "I AM NOT IN THAT MOOD TO WATCH SMTH". But Anime is another story. Not YOU are choosing the mood and time to watch. ANIME creates your mood. It can make you feel happy when you are sad. It can break your heart in moments of happiness. But sensitive person will never stay indifferent to this.


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