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I will write about episode 13 of season 7. I was calm during all episode, but at the end of it I was fangirling so hard that my best friend wanted to call for an ambulance!! I am still a little bit confused about time changing, I mean this "tree years from now" and I don't remember all details from earlier episodes, actually I almoust forgot about it at all. I seriously can't wait to see how this future and present action will link and what Ryana Cruz is going to do with my sweathearts!! And c'mon!!! Everyone knows that Elena is alive still I'm calmer now. I'm so annoyed, cause even when I'm super glad that Stefan rescued Damon, I'm so sorry about the little Salvatore. He's always the one who has to sacrifice and all that mess with Caroline. Poor blondie, poor Stefan and happy Alaric. At least he has his happines, but the most amazing thing at all is fact that Caroline will be in New Orleans with her kids!! I can already imagine Klaus's face when he'll see her with twins at his door. I think that's all, at the end I will give you couple photos from the episode ;)



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