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1st off the time has arrived, all those years us old school comic geeks where told comics are stupid has changed. The major gripe comic fans have had is when a source material rises to the level to inspire a motion picture, they change the format of the original material in the translation. Deadpool changed that. It's not the 1st (R) rated comic to film (The Crow,Blade) but it is the most faithful. People are now seeing that and are willing to pay to see what they have been reading all these years come to life in the right way. It's not 100% but its pretty damn close. Everybody was hyped for the new Star Wars but when they went non-cannon, people still wanted to see what they where going to do with the material. Dead pool will continue to climb in faithful followers and pick up people new to the franchise along the way. Hollywood will hopefully take from the Deadpool model and make movies truer to form.


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