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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still in theaters! At least it is where I live. Its longevity must have something to do with its star, Daisy Ridley. Before Star Wars, she was an unknown, but now she's the next big thing. Here are 6 reasons why she stole our hearts in her first feature film appearance (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and continues to make us love her even more!

She's a Goof-ball

Have you seen any of her interviews? They're the best. She's obviously the cast member that caused the most smiles on set. She makes jokes and her laugh is infectious. You've got to love a goofy celebrity.

"That's a great first film to be in."- Jimmy Fallon
"Yeah it's alright."-Ridley
"You're in Star Wars man!"-Fallon
"I know! I know!"-Ridley while smiling from ear to ear

She Grabbed Our Attention

Daisy starred along side HARRISON FORD and still managed to keep our eyes on her. Her performance as Rey captured our attention early on and even during scenes with HAN SOLO our focus was on her, a brand new character! As you watch Rey, she seems to have the same feelings as you throughout the film. Daisy's performance draws you to her character on an emotional level. We she realizes she's meeting Han Solo she's beaming with excitement and she's, for lack of a better word, star-struck. Later on during that tragic scene (you know the one) she weeps over the loss of her friend. Those very realistic tears draw your attention back to her through you're sadness over her loss. Daisy make you empathetic for this character in the way she speaks and emotes. Even some very experienced actors can't do that in the way she can.

She's A Nerd

Some actors would treat Star Wars as just another role. Daisy went all out. She even cried when she saw the trailer for the first time. She's a Star Wars fan, just like us!

She Spent A Large Portion Of The Movie Playing Off Of A Ball

Some actors would struggle without others to play off of. Daisy not only did well herself, she gave more life to BB-8 which created a great dynamic between the two. During their first moments together in the desert, they have a brief argument over whether BB-8 will stay with her or go off on his own to Niima. Though BB-8 can only use beeps and boops to emote, Daisy's heartfelt and emotional reactions give great depth to whatever he had said. Later on as she tells him to return to the others in Maz's castle, her emotional plea to him not only shows her feelings but deepens his when he relents to her wishes.

She's A Rookie

Though the cast had veteran actors like Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, it was the newbies that stood out. This was Daisy's first film ever! Don't we all agree she was amazing as Rey?! You've got to love someone who hits the ball out of the park on the first try.

She Keeps Us Guessing

"I know all about waiting." - Rey
"*beeps*" - BB-8
"For my family." - Rey

From the first day she was announced as part of the cast, we've speculated over her parentage. Daisy was asked about this many times over, and always kept a straight face so to speak. She kept us totally in the dark about Rey until The Force Awakens' release back on December 18. In her performance, she continued to keep her secret, even while meeting the characters that have long been rumored to be her family (Han and Leia). Even now that she's filming Episode 8, she continues to keep a tight lip. Still, we love her character. Daisy has done tremendously well at keeping the secret, and keeping the audience happy. Why aren't we all mad that after waiting 3 years to hear who her parents are, it's still a mystery? Daisy gave us a performance that teased a future reveal as to who Rey's parents are, and also kept us totally satisfied with what we did learn about her. That takes talent.

Daisy is an amazing actress. Despite her lack of experience, she was great and shined among the other huge stars in The Force Awakens. I think I speak for all of us when I say, we can't wait to see what she does next! Are you a Daisy Ridley fan? Tell us why in the comments!


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