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If you thought you'd be hearing the end of Deadpool after its opening weekend, you should know by now that you were dead wrong.

With the 88th Academy Awards just around the corner, all the major contenders are wrapping up their campaigns for Oscars glory. But you don't have to be Leonardo DiCaprio to get in on the action, as Ryan Reynolds has so deftly proven on Twitter.

Reynolds Is Pushing 'Deadpool' For A Whole New Batch Of Categories

According to the Academy, final voting actually ended almost an entire week ago, not today. Still, that annual awards ceremony is always looking for something to spice up the banality, so why not really throw the whole production into a tizzy by putting Deadpool front and center?

Obviously, as Reynolds notes, Deadpool is ineligible for this year's Oscars, but has the sassy assassin ever really cared about a little thing like rules? No, and you shouldn't either. So, if there are any Academy voters out there, why not redact your submitted votes and push for some real, substantive change?


Would you give 'Deadpool' an Oscar?

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