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Ben Higgins is coming to the end of his reign as ABC's latest Bachelor, but that doesn't mean his decision making skills have improved any. According to the latest promos for the show, Ben is "in love" with two of his remaining three women. Watch a recap and preview of the rest of the season below:

From the previews, it looks as if Ben decided to send one woman home, only to have a change of heart and call her back. The question is, who is on the other end of the line? The answer may be rather easy to puzzle out with a little careful digging.

Ben had several good hometown visits in the last episode; he met Amanda's children, had a nice chat with Lauren B.'s sister, and seemed to fit right in with Caila's family; on the other hand, Jojo's brothers made Ben feel very uncomfortable, not to mention all of her ex-boyfriend drama after she got flowers that SPOILER ALERT weren't from Ben.

L-R: Caila, Jojo and Lauren B,
L-R: Caila, Jojo and Lauren B,

That's why it came as quite a surprise to me that Amanda was ultimately let go and not Jojo. But I also doubt that Jojo is one of the two Ben loves. Of the girls who are left, Lauren B. always had a strong relationship with Ben; on one on one dates, she connected with Ben easily, and on group dates, Ben often spent the most time with her causing jealousy from other girls. Caila received two one on one dates at the expense of one girl who had yet to get any time with Ben; her friendly demeanor had Ben questioning if she had any deeper qualities beneath the facade, however, during her hometown date, Caila came out of her shell and I feel that her family fit best with Ben. Of all of the girls left, her love may be the strongest and the most genuine. Furthermore, if you listen to the voice on the phone, it has a high, bright pitch like Caila's; the other girls' voices are lower and more raspy with plenty of vocal fry.

Ultimately, that's why I feel like Caila is Mrs. Higgins. She seems genuinely in love with him judging from the way she acted with her parents. She knows he's her Mr. Right. Ben might not know it yet, but in the end I think he will. I believe Jojo will be the next to go, leaving Lauren and Caila as the final two. Caila will be sent home, but then Ben will realize he loves her and call her back, ultimately choosing Caila over Lauren.

It's definitely going to be interesting! What do you think will happen? Do you think Ben will choose Caila over the other girls? Comment your thoughts below!


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