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Deadpool is killing it at the North American box office, raking in $55 million from 3,277 theaters, and pushing films like Risen and The Witch to the side.

On its ninth day of release, Deadpool blew past the $200 million mark, which is faster than any R-rated film in history. Domestic gross is calculated to be $235.4 million, an incredible feat for Ryan Reynolds and 20th Century Fox.

The movie has also hauled in $491.9 million worldwide. It looks like it's going to become the top R-rated film in history, even surpassing The Passion Of The Christ, which made a total of $611.9 million. Deadpool has already surpassed Fifty Shades Of Grey, which grossed $571million.

Fox domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson says:

"'Deadpool' has become a cultural phenomenon with all audiences that is resonating across the globe."

Just to compare, The Passion Of The Christ made $83.8 million during its North American opening weekend, while Deadpool made $55 million. Yes, Deadpool isn't too far behind, and it's not only expected to catch up, but to surpass.

So does that mean 'Deadpool' is bigger than Jesus? Or maybe even the next Jesus? I have to be honest, I'd be down to join any religion that involves chimichangas and the delicious Ryan Reynolds.

Did you love 'Deadpool'?

[Source: CNN Entertainment]


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