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I Just Choose To Leave My Super Suit At Home And Let Barry Allen Take All The Fame And Glory
Tyvon J. Hunter

As a young boy, Eddie Edwards' (played by Taron Egerton) ultimate dream was to become an Olympian. With the support of his mom along the way Eddie set out to just that, He started out practicing the long jump and javelin in his very own backyard up until he changed his mind and decided he wanted to become a Winter Olympian. After winning awards and competitions Eddie was told he wasn't Olympics Material, so then he found Ski Jumping it was perfect because Great Britain did not have a team for over a decade. Over the next few months Eddie found myself a coach named Bronson Peary, (played by Hugh Jackman) together he trained him on the art of becoming a Ski Jumper but it was the drive in Eddie that pushed him to attend the 1988 Winter Olympics. While attending it was Eddie's determination that pushed him to not only become Eddie The Eagle but also jump the 90meter!

Being told no was a word The Eagle heard very frequently in his life, but thats what pushed Eddie to chase his dreams. The British Olympics Association, they told him "He Wasn't Olympic Material" and they didn't support him. But the one person who was always there, was his mother. She was there and in his corner no matter what, she supported him even when they couldn't support him financially at the time. The one thing I didn't like as how unsupportive his dad was of his dreams until the end of the movie. But I'm sure we all have someone like that in our lives, that is not unsupportive or discouraging towards your dreams. But thats what I loved about this movie, no matter how many times he fell or was told no, he just brushed it off and kept reaching for his dream.

This movie is not your typical documentary or inspirational film. This film goes that extra mile but still shows you that light at the end of the tunnel because you get a feeling this can't be it, he has to become more even though you see the trailer, in my opinion is a must see film of the year.

While he was racing down the 90m hill of the Winter Olympics in 1988, my heart was racing and the one thought running through my head, "Prove Them Wrong Eddie!" And As His Skis Started To Look Like They Were About To Touch The Ice... I Can't Spoil The Movie, YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT!


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