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Let's face it, despite all of the incredible records that Deadpool has broken in the last two weeks, and all of the earnings it has made, it still isn't enough. What we all really want, and what has been a huge subject coming up to this incredible year of superhero films, is for our favourite heroes to be recognised by the Academy. Why is there such a massive lack of Oscar wins or nominations for superhero films outside of the Visual effects and costume categories?

While Heath Ledger broke new ground by winning an Oscar for best supporting actor as The Joker in The Dark Knight, the feat hasn't since been replicated, and many fans think the superhero genre deserves more recognition than it gets. And it isn't just fans anymore, because the man who has barely left our trending sections in the last couple of months, Ryan Reynolds, has spoken out about his wishes to see Deadpool win the Best Picture Oscar this year, despite the nominations all being announced over a month ago.

Despite the Academy awards airing on Sunday night, and voting closing in just a few short hours, and Deadpool being entirely ineligible film because it came out in the wrong year for these Oscars, nothing will stop Reynolds from launching a write-in campaign hoping for a fairytale victory for his film. He launched the campaign on Twitter, and didn't just suggest that the film should be nominated for Best Picture either.

Instead of going for the traditional acting and writing awards, Reynolds went after the categories that only he would go after, such as:

  • Best Foreign Language Film, which it is ineligible for at a rather fundamental level.
  • Best "leaked" footage, which is not an award at the Oscars.
  • Best animated short, which the film is again in no way eligible for. Like, in either sense.
  • Best love scene, which also isn't a category, despite being a rather interesting idea for one. Not sure if the "Deadpool and his baby hand" scene would be eligible in such a category though.
  • And Participant Ribbon, which is fair enough, I think the Academy should give Reynolds that for the launch of this campaign alone. And for, you know, being Deadpool.

Despite not being eligible, it would really make that whole ceremony at the Academy a lot more interesting, imagine the acceptance speech that Deadpool would give? And even if they didn't let him get nominated, shouldn't Deadpool just be allowed in there? Or be allowed to host? He would be a really amazing Oscars host, come on guys let's not lie to ourselves about this.

And if you somehow haven't seen the film yet, get yourself down to it as quick as is possible! Check out one of the many, many trailers below!


Do You Want To See Deadpool Win An Oscar For the Wrong Year?


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