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Daniel Craig is back as Bond with a whole new look and style in Skyfall, the 23rd movie in the explosive franchise 50 years running. Skyfall is directed superbly by Sam Mendes, he has reinvented Bond. The cinematography is stunning, perfected by Roger Deakins from the neon lit buildings of Shanghai to the cold and atmospheric look of Scotland.

This is a must-see for all Bond fans and for newcomers it's exciting and unforgettable. Daniel Craig is brilliant as Bond as he battles Javier Bardem who is one of the best bad guys ever, who reveals part of M's past played by Judi Dench, this being her best outing as M. Naomie Harris is excellent, she is very witty, sexy, has strong chemistry with Bond and plays the part of a devoted field agent extremely well. Berenice Marlohe is stunningly beautiful and is so mysterious, the first shot of her in the shattered window of a Shanghai skyscraper will make your jaw drop at her presence and beauty, and in her final scenes you feel her fear. The cast are to die for and they all blend together nicely.

The action scenes are awesome, the opening sees Bond and Eve in pursuit of Ola Rapace's Patrice, racing through the crowd filled streets of Istanbul to the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar on bikes which all leads up to a battle on top of a train which is insane. Bond takes control of a digger ripping up the carriages and sending cars tumbling off the tracks. Naomie Harris speeds alongside and cuts off the chase by shooting Bond. Then comes in the Skyfall song which is amazing, performed by Adele, it's got such a Bond feel/sound to it.

The last act rivals with the first, the action is explosive. Silva and his men shoot up the "Skyfall" mansion eventually ending in one massive explosion, but it's the final stand in the church where viewers will be on the edge of their seats totally gripped, some may even find it sad and a massive shock, I certainly did.

Skyfall has everything a Bond movie needs: Fantastic action sequences accompanied by a great soundtrack, a stunning cast, beautiful Bond girls and a very patriotic feel especially towards the end, Skyfall is another hit for the franchise. I still prefer Quantum a little bit more, but it's definitely just that bit better than Casino Royale, this will stand in the top 10 Bond films and it is Craig's best performance as 007.


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