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This article may contain spoilers about The Room.

The Room is directed, written, produced, financed by and stars Tommy Wiseau. It is known to the world as "the worst movie of all-time". But is it really THAT bad?

Yes. But, there is something compelling about how bad it is that makes you want to uncover more and also makes you want to watch the film over and over and over and over and over again.

So....what's it about? The Room is about Johnny. A character who apparently embodies The American dream with a Christopher Walken/French/Arnold Schwarzenegger/American/English/Russian accent. Johnny has a loving future wife named Lisa and a son named Denny. They both live in a "beautiful" (notice the quotation marks) apartment in San Francisco. One day, Lisa gets bored of Johnny and decides to sleep with his best friend, Mark. And then, I... didn't really understand what was going on. That is the basic plot.

The Room is like a joke. From the very first shot to the last, you can't really believe what you're seeing is an actual film and you're hoping that maybe, just maybe, Ashton Kutcher will come up to the screen and say that you just got Punk'd and it wasn't a real movie. The film has so many continuity errors and red herrings that I lost count. The Room is also the kind of film Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus would've produced if The Cannon Group existed in 2003.

But...why should I watch it? For many reasons.

A) Because it's bad: Yes sometimes we all love to watch bad movies (they're my favorite kind) because it shows us what not to do if you want to become a filmmaker. The Room is the prime example. Here, in one scene, Mark smokes weed on a roof tries to kill Peter (the psychologist) for no apparent reason. And then, he makes up with him and Peter totally forgets about it. No big deal, right? That guy just tried to kill me! Eh, who cares! As long as he didn't...right? But it's not just that. The whole movie is bad. The acting, the cinematography, the writing, the direction, the special effects, the music, the production design, EVERYTHING! It's the exact opposite of Citizen Kane.

B) Because it raises so many questions before/during/after viewing the movie.

Example of questions: Why is Lisa so madly in love with Mark? Is the rooftop green-screened? Who the hell is that random guy in the party who knows everything? Who the hell is peter? Where did peter go? Who is Chris-R? Why does he want Denny's money? Why did he buy drugs off him? How the hell did Chris-R get to the rooftop without being seen by any of the characters in the apartment? So....did Claudette get cured from her breast cancer? What the hell is scotchka? I'm sorry....what pizza topping? Are they actually (CENSORED)? Why are they playing football in tuxedoes? But the most reccuring one will be: HOW THE HELL DID THIS GET MADE?

C) Because it's hilarious: If you're a true film purist, you will find yourself in excruciating pain while watching The Room. You will only complain about the 129430859245084752095270328745742085784275024857252495042587259304103948304981034982049804938402948059832095850835093258049582 continuity errors and red herrings all in 100 minutes. But if you're a guy that likes to have fun, this is the perfect movie for you! With memorable lines and quotes such as: <<I did nhaht hit here, its hanuht trueah, its bull***, I did haeurnt. O HAI MAWK>> <<If peepl would lauv each auter. The wauwld woulw be a bewwer placw>> <<AHM FEDHAP WIT DIS WAHRLD>> <<YWA TWaimg ME APAWHT lisaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!>> <<WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY AAAAAAAAAH OH WHY WHY AAAAH OH GOD WHY AAAAH! OH AAAH OH GOD AAAAAAAAAH! GOD FORGIVE ME!>>> <<I cannaht tell yah its confidentiauuwol, Anywaiyis, hows ur sax layf?>> Each and every line is quotable from beginning to end.

D) Because it's art: Tommy Wiseau had a goal. To make the greatest tragedy ever that after the movie, audience members would be so stirred and shaken they wouldn't be able to sleep for TWO FULL WEEKS! Yes, you head me, TWO FULL WEEKS (Including Saturday and Sunday). When I first watched <<The Room>>, I wasn't able to sleep for TWO FULL DAYS because I was so creeped out by Tommy's thick accent that it scarred me for like 2 days until it dissipated. Yes the movie is hard to swallow at first sight because so much conflict is thrown at you at the same time and you don't know where to put it in your brain. Each scene adds more and more conflict. So why is it art? If you read The Disaster Artist and the 10x10 segments of The Room: The Definitive Guide, you actually understand that The Room is Tommy's baby. It is exactly how he envisioned the film. He is a misunderstood person and the movie is a misunderstood masterpiece. He takes inspiration from James Dean, Orson Welles, Tennessee Williams and other greats. Everything about this movie is near perfection: The way Tommy Wiseau talks, the way Tommy Wiseau walks, the way Tommy Wiseau eats, the way Tommy Wiseau plays football, the way Tommy Wiseau fights criminals, the way Tommy Wiseau says cheep cheep, the way Tommy Wiseau does basically everything. The Room is essentially a modern American drama. Typical America as Tommy would say. Exactly how America is (not really).

That is why, I say to you: GO WATCH THE ROOM! RIGHT NOW!


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