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So it is already 2016 and the last post I wrote was in November. So recently if you haven't heard there has been new news on Captain America: Civil War aka Avengers 2.5 (just kidding) and now we know Gwyneth Paltrow will be reprising her role as Pepper Potts and that Martin Freeman will be playing Everett K. Ross who will be an enemy and in the comics and is involved with Black Panther so we can expect him to reprise his role in 2018's Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman. Anyway let's get started.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man

So before I talk about this as you can see he already seems pretty enthusiastic to play spider-man if you look at this interview that I will have a link for. So Tom Holland has been officially cast as Peter Parker/ Spider- Man. I'm going to say I am satisfied with this casting decision and agree with it. Like I couldn't of seen Asa Butterfield being in this role. I also like how he is 19 so he won't look like a 30 year old in high school I know everyone wanted Tobey Maguire to come back but he is 40 and if Robert Downey Jr. wasn't in the avengers Spider-Man would be the oldest one beside Samuel L. Jackson. Also Tom can do his own stunts watch his

Interview For Spider-Man above.

Stunts Compilation below

Marisa Tomei as Aunt May Parker

So if you didn't know Marisa Tomei has been cast as Aunt May so nothing I can change about that. I think she is pretty young for being Aunt May at 50 but she sort of looks like this Aunt May picture I found on the internet. I don't care if she is young because Peter is younger at 19 so she could be younger. I know in the comics Peter is 15 and Aunt May is like around 231 but whatever it isn't a big deal and once again I am satisfied she has experience because the number of movies she has been in are the same as her age.

Matthew McConaughey as Norman Osborne (/possibly Green Goblin)

the stars are not a swear word
the stars are not a swear word

So I would pick him for Norman Osborne he is already rumored to been in talks to play him and I would like that. The reason I'm referring to Matthew ***** as him is because I can't spell his name right and I don't want to anyway. He has said that he turned down a role for GOTG 2 so does that mean he did that for Spider-Man? The movies are both coming out on 2017. Probably not. Anyway he can play a psychopath and he can be calm too and he kind of looks like him. I don't think I would go with a comic accurate cool costumed Green Goblin for a while because Sony isn't able to do that it's too hard for them. We may have hope that Marvel has taken over half of it.

Timothee Chalamet as Harry Osborne

Okay this would be awesome casting. He obviously isn't like dark or anything but something about his look barfs out James Franco from Spiderman 1/2 and the forbidden one. ( Cough, cough emo Spider-Man) He just has a look on his face that looks like Harry. Hopefully if he plays harry he won't be a bad sport because James Franco didn't get along with Tobey Maguire. The only movie I've seen him in was Interstellar and he didn't have a big part and his dad was Matthew McConotknowhowtospellhisname's son oh no it's Norman and Harry no not really but I want him to play Harry.

Bella Thorne as Mary Jane Watson

So this is cool that she is 18 Tom Holland is 19 and Timothee Chalamet is 20 because there age will be realistically together. Anyway Bella Thorne looks like MJ and I have seen her in Disney shows but obviously she's looking for something bigger than Disney and at least she isn't a weird Disney star (cough, cough Lindsey Lohan cough, Miley Cyrus) and anyway she is already rumored and I would like to give her a shot I think she could do it. I don't think they are going to do Gwen Stacy because recently Gwen Stacy had an adaption and people want to see something new and Emma Stone has the best adaption and if Gwen Stacy was in it she would probably be played by Chloe Grace Mortez because she is popular now and I wouldn't really like that.

Kirk Acevedo as Mac Gargan/ Scorpion

I think he would be a good choice for Scorpion. Scorpion is a rumored character to be in 2017's Spider-Man it also was in the rumored cast. This would be Scorpion's first appearance and I think Kirk Acevedo would do a great job. He can play a guy who acts like a tough guy in the movie Invincible (2006) he wasn't a jerk obviously he was Vince's (Mark Whalberg) best friend Tommy I just think his personality is tough. Also we know he can play a annoying guy and stubborn that just wants to shoot things in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) because that shows he can be like a henchman which is basically what Scorpion is. Also I think it would be cool if his suit is made by Oscorp and in the movie when J Jonah Jameson asks Mac Gargan to kill Spider-Man Norman Osborne will already hate Spider-Man so he confronts Jameson and gives them a Scorpion suit and the first time he fights Spider-Man he gets beat up Oscorp gets involved again and this happens:

This could be how the symbiote is introduced and at the end Norman gets it back and puts away and will be used again for the later films. They can have one of the Marvel end credits scene with the black slime cracking the glass that would be so cool.

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