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I'm back! And today I am going to try to post some reviews about some stuff. This review will be talking about how terrible Disney Channel is now.


I should talk about when Disney Channel was good. When I was younger, I would go to a friend's grandma's house in the morning before I went to school. My friend would be there. We walked to school or got driven to school. When I was at that house in the morning, we would usually watch Cartoon Network. Sometimes we would watch Disney Channel. Usually when we would watch Disney Channel, either Phineas and Ferb or Dog With a Blog would be on. I liked both shows, but I liked Phineas and Ferb the most.

Since I didn't have cable TV, I would sometimes watch Disney Channel from a live stream on my computer. At the time I started to do that, there was a new show called Wander Over Yonder. I love that now. There is also another show I like called Gravity Falls.

I remember seeing the season 1 finale of Gravity Falls when I was in Hawaii once. I saw it on Disney Channel. It was so great. I loved it. I was excited for the next season of Gravity Falls. Now here is where Disney Channel got ruined

Disney Chanfail

Disney Channel failed. When I got cable TV finally, I was hoping to get to see some animated shows on Disney Channel. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. All those shows moved to Disney XD. I didn't have Disney XD, and I still don't have it.

If anyone here who isn't a teenager or a girl thinks Disney Channel is awesome, you must like everything. Disney Channel is so terrible now! The dating! There is dating in almost every dang episode of every show on Disney Channel. It sucks! It annoys me so much that I don't watch Disney Channel anymore.

Can Disney Channel please just make one show where the main character is a boy? Disney Channel shows always have the main character as the girl. Show some gender equality Disney!

By the way, the laugh tracks. Nothing is funny in any Disney Channel show. Yet, they put in laugh tracks. I have a good sense of humor, and Disney Channel shows have no humor at all.

Now what do you think about Disney Channel? My rant here is done.


Does Disney Channel suck?


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