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With Batman vs Superman landing next month, People are wondering if Batman even stands a chance. With Batman being powerless, and Superman being well not so powerless..

List of Superman's Powers:

  • *Invulnerability
  • *Flight
  • *Super Strength
  • *Super Speed
  • *Super Breath
  • *X–Ray Vision
  • *Super Hearing
  • *Accelerated Healing
  • *Heat Vision
  • *Mental Powers (learning languages quickly)
  • *Ice Breath
  • *Super Hypnotism (apparently to hypnotize himself into not having powers, and keep his identity secret)
  • *Super Ventriloquism
  • *Microscopic Vision
  • *Telescopic vision
  • *Energy Absorbing (yellow sun)

That's Alot of powers. However, we wont be seeing them all in the movie, and lets not forget Superman has quite a few weaknesses..

  • Kyrptonite
  • Red Sunlight
  • magic
  • blunt force
  • high pitched sound
  • Gravity Gun
  • extreme heat
  • His own Morals

And lets not forget, Doomsday is going to be in Batman vs Superman. That means There's a player in the field who has killed superman or landed him comatose before.

Long story short:

This will be quite a match


Is Superman overpowered?


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