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Hello! I used to post fictional battles, but I now post things about comics. Enjoy!

I think this movie has received way too much hate. Many Marvel fans have bashed this film because they compare Man of Steel to The Avengers. Now, to be honest, I liked The Avengers a little bit more than Man of Steel. But when you compare a film about a super-powered team of the most iconic Marvel characters saving the Earth from a foreign threat to a film about one of DC's most famous characters saving the world from a member of his own race, it's a bit unfair. The biggest complaint I've heard is that Superman destroyed more of Metropolis than Zod's world engine did. Although Superman did play a big part in Metropolis's destruction, it's not like the Avengers didn't cause any less collateral damage than Superman did! Another complaint says that Superman didn't even need to kill Zod. Let's just pretend Superman didn't kill General Zod, and he was sent off to some prison. What kind of earthly prison do you think can hold a Kryptonian? And a power dampening cell couldn't be built in a day, meaning someone has to make sure Zod doesn't escape in that period of time.

The only things I didn't like about Man of Steel are the fact that Christopher Nolan was only the producer and Zack Snyder gets all the credit for the new take on Superman. From the script to the color scheme, you can tell it was Christopher Nolan's idea. Yet Zack Snyder is credited for everything in the movie.


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