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Jerome Maida

How close are we to THE ULTIMATE healing factor?

As "Deadpool" continues to shatter box-office records, the antihero with extraordinary healing powers-that save him from everything from cancer to bullets - is not THAT far-fetched, according to renowned physician, and North Philadelphia native, Dr. Ronald Klatz.

The author of 42 books including the bestseller Grow Young With HGH, Klatz is a bioscientist with a portfolio of dozens of patents and is president and co-founder of The American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine (

"Your body fighs cancer every day," Dr. Klatz told me. "Your body produces, some people say, ten thousand cancer cells..every single day. (But) your immune system tracks them and kills them."

"But when your immune system fails - either by getting older (or) being subjected to toxins in your environment, which is happening in mass quantities now - they can overwhelm your immune system, once they get to a certain level of growth, Dr. Klatz continued. "They can coat themselves in a mucus-like coating that your immune system doesn't see..the cancer anymore."

"The trick is to retrain your immune system to detect the cancers so they can do what they naturally do, which is to kill these buggers."

Dr. Klatz stresses an organic diet with greens and 10 servings of pesticide-free fruits and vegetables daily, keep sugar to a minimum and maintain daily exercise and proper sleep

"I feel early detection is the most important weapon we currently have - and that our weapons are increasing," Klatz said.


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