ByTaiwo Ogedengbe, writer at

I feel like young justice should come back reason why its the only show i watch i finished season 1 and 2 and its all i watch it teaches children about real life and how to deal with it.We all know how most superhero t.v shows go; there's a bad guy or a group of bad guys who join together to try and take over the world in some way. Then the superheroes come in and stop them and the day is saved. Almost every superhero show boils down to this simple cookie cutter set-up, but Young Justice surprised me.On the surface it seemed that Young Justice followed the same superhero format done again and again. But what the characters and the audience were unaware of (to a certain degree) that there were dark forces working in the background. A group of super villains known as "The Light" who were obviously planning on taking down the superheroes, but how and when they were going accomplish such a task was up to the character's (and audience) speculation so i ask u one question and i hope u answer do u want young justice to come back not for other people but for you individually.


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