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Supergirl, in October, premiered to huge ratings and routinely gets around 7-8 million viewers per-episode, making it the most watched superhero show on T.V. It gets more viewers than both Arrow and The Flash combined. It has brought many great DC characters, such as Red Tornado and Bizarro, to the small screen, even if they weren't the traditional portrayals of the characters. And yet, Supergirl has divided the audience.

Understanding Some Of It

Supergirl has it's defenders. I am one of those. It also has it's detractors. They claim the show has it's issues. And I can't argue with a lot of the arguments. The fight scenes can be wonky at times. The D.E.O. was boring for a lot of the first part of the show. A few characters took awhile to develop and have something to do. And, yeah, Winn still doesn't have much to do.

I won't argue that the writing could be better. It can be simple, or unrealistic, or even too straightforward. And all the "girl power" can be too much. And Maxwell Lord is completely over the top. I could go on and on nit picking the show and all the tiny things that bug me about the show, but that is not the purpose of this post.

No, the purpose is defend the show. To point out some of the good points. Because it does have a lot of good things going for it. Like.....

Kara and Cat

Say what you will about the plot and the dialogue, Melissa Benoist kills it as Kara Danvers. She sells as an upbeat, optimistic girl who also has her dark side. She can sell any line that is given to her and she makes other around her better. Chyler Leigh is never better than working off of Benoist. Benoist makes it obvious that Supergirl enjoys being a hero. She enjoys helping people, and that really isn't a type of superhero we've seen in awhile.

And if you like the brooding type of hero, Benoist can do that as well. Her scene in "Red Faced" where she is punching the car is great. And her letting Red Tornado have it at the end is the first time I completely bought Benoist as Supergirl, not just Kara Danvers. When she is letting the hologram of her mom have it and when she goes after Non in "For the Girl Who Has Everything" are just two more scenes were angry Kara was the best. Maybe it says something that she is best when she is angry or really happy, but Benoist is perfect as Supergirl.

Calista Flockhart is an anchor for this show. You can pretty much be certain that she will give a great performance. Cat Grant could have been just another cardboard terrible boss character. However, Cat is much more than that. She might be a mean boss, but she also cares. She cares about her kids. She cares about her company. And she cares about Kara. Her stories about her time working in the industry are some of my favorite scenes every week.

The rest of cast might not be as strong as those two, but they definitely have their moments. Leigh, like I said, has her moments with Kara, but also with Henshaw. And ever since Henshaw's true Identity was revealed, he has been a great part of the show. During the Toyman episode, Winn stopped being just the nice guy, but he got interesting. And though James can piss me off, Mehcad Brooks is getting more and more comfortable as his character.

It's Fun, Light, And Has A Lot Of Heart

One thing that makes Supergirl very different from other superhero shows is that it is on the happier side. The show is full of color. It is happy to be a superhero show. Arrow is dark and brooding. Yeah, it has it's lighter moments, but no one will say that show is all about "fun". The Flash is a fun show until it is not. The show gets really dark at times. Supergirl does this as well, but it never stays there. It always bounces back to the more fun side of it.

And, let's face it. The show has a lot of heart. Yeah, it can get sappy, but who doesn't love seeing the two sister eating ice cream together. Who doesn't like watching Benoist playing a different character pretending to be Kara. And every episode, Kara has to learn a lesson. Arrow and The Flash does this too, but Supergirl integrates this beter than any other of these shows.

When I finish watching Supergirl, I tend to have a smile on my face. And while I love Arrow and The Flash, and I do love them and agree they are better shows, I don't watch those shows if I want to feel good. That is what Supergirl is for.

Supergirl Isn't For Everyone

And that is true. And that is okay. But that doesn't mean the show isn't good. That it isn't worth watching. And that it isn't for someone. I like the show a lot. There is a lot of room for the show to grow and get better.

And I can't wait to see it happen.


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