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At the end of tonight's Flash episode "King Shark" we had the unmasking of Zoom. Guess what everybody, he looks exactly like the dead Jay Garrick at his feet. The man in the metal mask may very well be the real Jay Garrick, who's identity was taken by Zoom who is Hunter Zoloman. The perfect cover up for a villain like this is to pose at the Flash of Earth 2. Looking back at the first season we saw that Eobard could create a speed mirage, so who's to say that Zoom can't do the same, but at an even grander scale. It would explain why his clone couldn't move at super speed at the times they needed him to.

So let's breakdown what could have happened. Hunter Zolomon became a speedster thanks to Harrison Wells on Earth 2. Becoming obsessed with speed he tried to become faster and for some reason he kidnapped the real Jay, the man in the mask. He shows up on Earth 1, plays the good guy and uses Jay's name, so that he could get close to Team Flash. Just like Harry said: To fatten Barry up like a Christmas Turkey and steal his speed at his prime. The only hiccup was that he was hit with the speed dampening serum by Cisco in his first bout against Barry and had to reevaluate his plan. He uses the Velocity 6 story to get Caitlin to find a way to heal him and she eventually did. Another hiccup though. Harry hits him again with another speed dampening serum. Feeling that the Zoom was weak, the Jay the team knew (a speed force clone, and ability used by some speedsters) moved towards the portal to keep the show going and throw the team off once again. When you look at it the man is a straight psycho, but that's what makes him a great villain.

We definitely can not wait to see the full origin of how Zoom came to be and why he is doing what he is doing. The irony is that the team is going after Zoom to honor Jay, who really isn't even Jay. It will be an epic battle that will have to watch unfold and even though some of us had all sorts of ideas of who Zoom could have been, this face reveal was epic. The Flash vs. Zoom just got a whole lot more electrifying.

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