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Welcome to the big, beautiful city of Zootopia, where animals all coexist and anyone can be anything.

This is Disney's 55th animated feature film. It happens to be all about animals and is totally wild; the amount of detail put into this big world of furry friends is simply unreal. In Zootpia, the main character, Judy Hopps, is by far one of the coolest I've seen — the first-ever bunny cop that wants to make the world a better place. Judy's dreams and ambitions propel her to become the best cop she can be.

As I watched this film, I was so entertained and amazed by the amount of thought that was put into the process of creating a unique world. Whether it was the fur on the animal or the subway station filled with all different species, Zootopia will definitely keep you satisfied. Not only was this film entertaining, but it also had a lot of positive messages. Not just one message, but layers upon layers of messages.

Here are the top three lessons that Zootopia taught me:

1. Anyone Can Be Anything


Judy Hopps is a determined and hardworking rabbit who won't let anything hold her down. Ever since she was a little bunny, she always wanted to be a cop, but everyone constantly told her she couldn't and just put her down. No matter what negativity she faced, she determined that she was the only one to decide what she could or couldn't do. She believes that ultimately anyone can be anything as long as they work hard and are dedicated.

This is truly a beautiful and moving message because it's something everyone can relate to. We all experience that moment in our lives when we're told we cannot do something. It's an awful thing to endure, but it's up to you if you believe that or not. With the belief that anyone can be anything, it's a reminder to never stop being you.

2. Individuality Is Unique


In this movie, there are so many different and detailed characters that make the world of Zootopia feel so real. There are so many animals in this film, some of the same species, but no two animals are the same. That's because they are all individuals. Each character in this film has its own personality and attributes that make them unique.

3. Don't Judge

There's a constant theme in Zootopia of the prey animals' fear of the predator. This creates a point of conflict for many of the characters. Nick and Judy teach the audience that no matter who you are, it's what's inside that counts.

There are many more than just three lessons in this movie, but these were the ones that meant the most to me. Zootopia is funny, entertaining, inspiring, and touching. This is a film for everyone to enjoy.

Be sure to see 'Zootopia' out in theaters everywhere today!


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