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Spoiler Alert: Careful for spoilers if you haven't seen tonight's episode of the Flash.. You have been WARNED!

Now that we have got that out of the way, let's talk about Zoom! On tonight's episode of the Flash, "King Shark", we finally learnt the true identity of Zoom. We learnt who's been hiding under that mask all this time. On the very day I write a huge article on how Joe West could be Zoom, they go on and unmask Zoom. Typical!

At the very end of the episode, we get to see that Teddy Sear's been Zoom all along.

Now, you might be thinking why I mentioned the name of actor who plays Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon on the show. That's because we get to see Zoom's face in this episode, but we have no idea what his name is. Everyone's like Hunter Zolomon is Zoom.. But isn't that quite obvious given the fact that in the comics Zoom is Hunter Zolomon? The shows from the Flarrowverse have been known to be not always true to the comics. Who's to say it's not the same case? They revealed Hunter Zolomon's character a few episodes back. Why wait the few more episodes to reveal who Zoom is, if Hunter Zolomon's been Zoom all along?

Zoom and Jay Garrick have both been on Earth 2 from before the breaches connecting Earth 1 and Earth 2 opened. So Hunter Zolomon could actually be from Earth 1. And Jay Garrick could be his Earth 2 doppleganger. But who's Zoom then?

Zoom could turn out to be the future version of Earth 2 Jay Garrick, who's gone rogue and travelled back in time as Zoom in order to push Jay Garrick to his limits, just like Eobard Thawne did with the Flash. At the end of the episode we see Zoom look at Jay Garrick's body and say..

"This.. is a complication!"

Because if Jay ends up dead, so would Future Jay!

Which character (with Teddy Sears' face) could Zoom end up being? Let me know what you think.


Which Teddy Sears character is Zoom?


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