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There was a lot of stuff cut from the Deadpool movie, some to keep it at a reasonable rating, some due to racism and just being flat out offensive, some due to copyright issues, and some just because they didn't work out as well as other parts may have.

More and more reports have come out about different pieces cut from the movie, including word that Ajax (Francis) was supposed to have a bunch of supervillain henchmen. That would have been cool. But there was one particular cut that caught my eye.

According to writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the film almost made a jab at the movie Batman & Robin. And no, I'm not talking about the part where Deadpool said that the dynamic duo was actually gay (which was probably more of a jab at the '60s TV series).

Do you remember that scene during the montage of Deadpool hunting Ajax's henchmen where Deadpool was chasing after a man on an ice rink with a Zamboni? Well that scene was almost a bit different.

In the current version, Deadpool says, “I’m going to kill you… in five minutes!” As funny as this is considering the low speed of a Zamboni, the line was almost a lot different.

The writers wanted to try to find some way to jab at the trainwreck of a film Batman & Robin and almost used this scene to do just that. As Deadpool was chasing the man, the original line was supposed to be, "Ice to see you!" This, of course, being one of the notoriously hated puns made by Mr. Freeze during Batman & Robin.

The writers admitted that it was going to be an intentional jab at the film, but they went with the "five minutes" joke instead. They didn't explain exactly why the change was made.

The change was most likely not because of copyright (because that didn't stop them during the rest of the movie). It was most likely more of an attempt to keep the humor, as some would not get that it was a reference to Batman & Robin and would be disappointed by thinking that Deadpool was resorting to stupid puns.

These jabs at other films are part of what made the Deadpool movie so much fun. I'm a bit disappointed that the writers didn't find some way to make a Batman & Robin jab make it into the final script, but that's what the sequel is for. Until then, the gay joke about Batman and Robin will have to do.

Would you have liked to see this joke make it into the 'Deadpool'? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Would you have liked to make the 'Batman & Robin' jab make it into the movie?


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