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It's crazy, I know what you're thinking right now but it just might work! Yes you're reading that right, Batman vs Superman will be rated R, but no not the theatrical version exactly. I know what you're thinking then exactly where will we see this R rated version? The answer is in the comfort of your own home! Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice will have a directors unrated version that will be rated R and only available on home video. According to the Comingsoon the MPAA has given Batman V Superman an R rating! The only bummer to this news is we will have to wait for it but when exactly?

Per, the MPAA has officially had Zack Snyder‘s Batman v Superman rated R. There’s a bit of a catch there, however, as the film will be released in theaters with a PG-13 rating. The Batman v Superman rated R cut is being held for an upcoming Blu-ray edition titled the Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. The R rating was given for the extended cut’s “sequences of violence"

That's right the film is going to be rated PG 13 in theaters but once that blu-ray comes its going full R rated! It's apparently getting this rating because of the action sequences which is insane. I mean can you imagine how Batman and Superman must be battling it out to be given an R rating? Yeah its going to be a fight to remember that's for sure!

Batman is not pleased that we will have to wait till the blu-ray is released for us to be able to behold Batman V Superman as Snyder wanted us to. This however isn't all bad news because we are getting an R rated batman film and isn't that a good thing? I for one can not wait to see Batman V Superman in theaters but also on blu-ray over and over again! Let me know what you think of an R rated Batman vs Superman film!


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