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Have you ever wondered what's missing in your life? Well the people over at The Line Animation have found the answer. This awards season sees Leonardo DiCaprio vying for an acting Oscar for the fifth time. For years now, there have been countless memes, skits, and sad love letters written about Leo and his elusive Oscar. But now, thanks to a 16-bit computer game, there is hope!

Released to coincide with this year's Oscar race, the game centers around Leo and his Oscar chase. As Leo, you will chase your Oscar down the red carpet, collecting Golden Globes, SAG Awards, BAFTA Awards, and the illustrious MTV Movie Award along the way. With icebergs to dodge and bonus rounds such as 'Act Harder' and 'Find The Black Nominee' to play, this game quickly becomes SUPER ADDICTIVE. Below are some highlights from the game and you can play it for yourself, here!

Survive a Quaalude overdose...

You can now (safely) relive the infamous overdose scene from Wolf of Wall Street. Leo should have won an Oscar just for this hilarious and horrifying moment in the film.

Avoid bumping into Gaga...She's out for revenge.

One of the best moments from the Golden Globes this year was when Lady Gaga bumped into Leo on her way to the stage. Some people say he was throwing shade. I say he's just still a bit jumpy after that bear attack in The Revenant.


You know, I bet every time Leo has to act out an emotional scene he just thinks about his heartbreaking love story with Oscar. Let the tears flow freely Leo, we understand.

Outrun a genius, a writer, an astronaut, & Eddie Redmayne in a dress...

If Leo learned anything from his time shooting The Revenant, it's how to outrun things. You should keep an eye out for Bryan Cranston as Dalton Trumbo though. He's surprisingly fast for an old dude.

One of these things is not like the others...

just got real. I'll bet the above picture is exactly what Jada Pinkett Smith's nightmares look like. A bunch of 16-bit white males, one of whom is sitting in a seat that should have been hers.

No matter how many awards you get...They're not Oscars.

Enough awards to sink a ship (sorry, Titanic) and yet no Oscar. Those two MTV Movie Awards are nothing to sneeze at though.

Hopefully this game isn't a bad omen for Leo...Fingers crossed he finally wins his long deserved prize this Sunday!


Will Leo finally win his Oscar this year?


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