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Storm a.k.a Ororo Monroe is the coolest female heroine of the Marvel Universes. She can be a part of a team, but she is also capable of being independent of the X-Men team and fighting alone. She is a resilient survivor who has been injured numerous times and still comes back stronger than ever. Here are some of the many reasons why she fully deserves her very own movie.

She Has Unpredictable Superpowers

Storm is edgy, dark, and exciting because she has a complicated past and she can control the weather with her mind! Storm has been captured several times because everyone wants to use her incredible powers for both good and evil.

She Doesn’t Rely Solely On Her Powers

Storm can be a bad ass without her superpowers! The best thing about Storm is that she can defeat anyone who challenges her without having to strike them down with lightning! According to, when defending her role as leader of X-Men from Cyclops, she still defeated him without her powers. Now let's see how her story began.

She Has an Amazing Origin Story

According to in the Marvel Universe, she is a beautiful black queen with white hair, blue eyes, and the potential to wield magic. She is the descendant of ancient African royalty because her mother, N’dare, was an African princess. Storm’s mother married David Monroe, an American photojournalist. Soon after, they moved to Manhattan where Ororo was born. When she was six months old, she and her parents moved to Cairo, Egypt. Five years later, during the Arab Israeli conflict, a plane crashed into their home, killing both of her parents in the process. She survived, but she was buried alive under the rubble near her mother’s body. Traumatized by the terrible accident, she was stricken with a bad case of claustrophobia.

Forced to live on the streets, she became a highly skilled thief. She's like Ant-Man because they both share a love for stealing and are extraordinarily skilled at picking both locks and pockets. She even tried to steal from Charles Xavier, which proved futile since he was more powerful than her.

Years later, she discovered her power to control the weather after wondering the desert for thousands of miles and needing water. While in the desert, she was almost raped and was forced to kill a man. After that incident, she promised herself that she would never kill again. Seeking guidance, she was taken in by an elderly tribal woman who taught her how to control her powers. Eventually, years after the first encounter, Professor Xavier reluctantly offered her a position on the X-Men team to help him rescue a group of mutants, and she has been with them since then.

She Has Spent Most of Her Life With X-Men!

A solo debut would be the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into her journey with the X-Men. She has been a leader of X-Men for years so it can showcase the various adventures she has had with them. Being surrounded by men most of the time, Storm was bound to fall in love with one of them.

Interesting Stories of Her Past Lovers Before Black Panther

Storm’s first love was Forge. He was a mutant with mystical powers who created bionic limbs for himself, after a bomb blew off his right hand and leg. She could have been attracted to him because of his intelligence and genius as an inventor, his strength as a warrior, and his mysterious powers as a sorcerer. After dedicating his life to making neutralized weapons, he invented a gun that accidentally neutralized Storm’s powers after she saved Rogue from its altering effects. Feeling guilty, Forge helped rehabilitate Storm. During that time, they fell in love with each other. Forge eventually proposed to Storm, but when she refused to leave X-Men for him, he withdrew his offer.

She had a short-lived romance with Gambit, a fellow mutant and partner in crime. He saved her from the evil Shadow King but he ended up falling in love with Rogue.

Great Role Model for Young Women

She is extremely dedicated to helping people. She is selfless and fearless because she is not afraid to sacrifice her life for the good of humanity. She would help her friends at any cost, even if it means losing her powers.

Black Panther + Storm = Awesomeness!

Storm and Black Panther would make a dynamic fighting duo because both are powerful, possess incredible speed, and are passionate leaders who would do anything to save the world! If Marvel and Fox could finally work out a deal, their onscreen chemistry as husband and wife would be incredible to see!

Wolverine Taught Storm Everything She Knows About Fighting

This could be a chance to see Wolverine again! Storm is a gifted hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained by Wolverine. She is an excellent marksman with handguns. Fans would be ecstatic to see Wolverine in a movie again, which would make the sales for the Storm solo debut increase substantially.

Alexandra Shipp as The New Storm

Storm is usually the good heroine who fights for justice and peace, but in X-Men: Apocalypse, Marvel is exploring a dark side to Storm. Alexandra Shipp plays a troubled young Storm who is going down the wrong path in life. Shipp is a newcomer who played in the biographical adaptation of Aaliyah's life story. Seeing a young Storm gives me hope that Storm will one day star in her own movie!

Storm should have her own movie because seeing her use her powers on screen was spectacular to watch on the X-Men movies. She has made history as the first black female character in the Marvel Comics. She can stand out in a crowd of guys in the Marvel universes. From what I’ve read from her origin story, she is more powerful than how they have portrayed her on screen. She is a beautiful, mysterious, interesting superwoman who needs her time to shine on her own because she would teach young people how to never give up, stand up for what you believe in, and always do the right thing no matter what.

Watch the new X-Men: Apocalypse and see how Alexandra Shipp portrays the new young Storm on May 17, 2016! This could be the beginning of a Storm revolution!


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