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Since Deadpool came out to great success both critically and financially, movie studios have been desperately trying to find something to give the R-rating to.

Some studios have actually found properties for that, including animated films but which upcoming film will be getting the same treatment...?... oh, wait, it's in the title, forget the suspense:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

According to the Classifications and Ratings Administrations, the upcoming DC film will have an ultimate edition home-release titled: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition.

The reason behind the R-rating being for "sequences of violence". Although this isn't surprising if we look at the director, who released a similar cut for his earlier comic book venture Watchmen (You know, I don't know why but it disturbs me every time I see it; has that happened to anyone else?).

On the other hand, this is clearly coming because of the incredible boost of demand for R-rated comic book material ever since Deadpool premiered last week.

An argument can be made that this version of the film existed long before Deadpool but I assure you this "mature" cut wouldn't have seen the light of day without a previous proved entry carrying the same rating.

And personally, I don't see a reason for a mature cut of a film about two of the most famous super heroes on the planet to exist simply to say "Hey look,, we got an R-rated film too... are we "cool" now?"

What's next? An R-rated Winnie the Pooh?

At the end of the day, this is just my opinion. What do YOU think? Are you happy to get an R-rated cut of 'Batman v Superman'?


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