ByJoshua Pennybaker, writer at

Ok it's apparent shamrock got nicked in the sac ok sure but the tape shows it was not directly in the nuts but kinda higher than right smack in the balls the next tape shows a knee to the Mellon that usually makes a man feel a little bit, well, lol rubbery so yea shamrock got rocked and if the reff would of let it continue he would of been a heap of regret in the morning so sure he complained like he always has this my friends wasent the first time shamrock was being a whiney ass sore loser man the dude has got knocked out and got up pissed about losing before hell I used to love shamrock but that's before he was a washout windbag whiney ass shit man Royce at least took his ass whooping by Matt and walked off like a champ pride all busted up but he took it like a man shamrock in my book is a man with endless pride with no humility not what they say the most dangerous man but the most insecure man so my hats off to Royce cause I seen him take an ass whooping like a true champ but shamrock naw they need to change his nick name the the most dangerous chump cause he is a chump with no class just a former champ with too much pride hell I'll fight his ass lol


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