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DC has finally made it’s extended universe, which will stretch to 2020 with Batman vs Superman (BvS) being release in March of 2016 to kick it off. In these Detective Comic Universe-Opinion Post’s, I will be writing about a certain movie in the DC line-up. My speculation will mainly start with the Wonder Woman film all the way to my desire end of DC films, and I will discuss what I want in these new films. NOTE: I am only speculating and I am a fan of DC and there will be spoilers.


A number of things must be set in motion for this movie, and in any franchise movie for it to play right. In the Dc-Extended Universe the movies that have already been released before this one would be Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman. Justice League Part 1 is set to be released in theaters of early June, 2017 and when it does we should have seen a number of things, such as Themyscira, Belle Reve, Metropolis, and the Wayne Manor. Batman v Superman will hopefully end with the Man Of Steel and the Cape Crusader on even sides, Lex making his warsuit, and Doomsday exiled to only come back in Kent's third film. I think the Suicide Squad movie might close with the government adopting more agency programs and the Joker will be put in restraints, while the tattoo man is killed off and the team goes back to Belle Reve thinking that they have immunity. By the way, the select few that I want to make it back after completing the mission are Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Katanna, and El Diablo. Wonder Woman is set years before this movie, so I think that the only thing she will really affect is her audience and her future movies.


One thing every great hero movie has to have is great action, whether it's an argument or it is hands-on fighting. The Justice League are going to ASSEMBLE in their 2017 outing, and will probably follow Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice confirmed premonition scene or different. The premonition scene that I am talking about is the one where Kal-El is under some type of mind control and has some troops, then somehow Batman escapes to parademons flying around and killing other troops. Justice League Part 1 should start-up with Cyborg in the recovery room at S.T.A.R. Labs, getting treatment from his exposure. Wonder Woman trying to control metahuman protesters. Tomar Re, Kilowog, Katma Tui, and Hal Jordan in the lead, all trying to control the imminent attack of Darkseid's forces. The movie then follows the devastation of BvS with Bruce Wayne establishing damage control. Flash helping build-up the destroyed city, while Superman is at Apokolips under the control of Darkseid. The battle in BvS is just like Avengers 2 where the trinity is juggling Doomsday and saving people. Doomsday doesn't die either, but is thrown into space solely, because there is no Fortress of Solitude to hold him or Phantom Zone to exile him to. Superman is under mind control until Hal manages to break him loose, meanwhile Aquaman and his forces are going to war with the surface world.


I have been writing this post under the notion that the first Justice League movie will be a two part film, such as Avenger Infinity War and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I honestly think that the first Justice League movie can do anything, but being that it is a two part film, why not have the film leave off Batman vs Superman with the parademons as a possibility and then have the Atlanteans as a villain as well for the first part. The second part should come off that ending with the team coming together after they defeat the wrong king of Atlantis and it needs to show Apokolips, the New Gods, Female Furies, and the Anti Life equation with Darkseid fully coming for the equation. The action in Justice League Part One would be the explanation for John Stewart and connecting these characters. 90’s cartoon meets Throne of Atlantis, with the care of Snyder, Johns, Affleck, and Wan.


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