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Actress Sharon Mae helps form part of the ensemble cast of the new comedy OMG.. We're in a Horror Movie!

Now available from LeoMark, the laffer sees seven friends trapped in a horror movie! Mae plays Jesse, an Asian vegan lesbian.

Sharon Mae gives MoviePilot the 411 on the film!

Sharon on where it all started...

OMG started off as a short, or possibly a web series. Ajala asked Chris and I to come over and read it and we loved it. We encouraged him to write more, so Ajala wrote some pages and called us in again. This process went on for some time, and as the script grew, so did the number of characters and more friends were pulled into the process. A lot of the characters are actually hyperbolic versions of themselves, except for me, the role of Jesse intended for a Latina woman actually. Over time, I just naturally came into the role because Ajala could no longer see anyone else in it, but me. Muahahaha. (I laugh whilst stroking my evil genius beard.) Then one day, I turned to Ajala and asked when we were going to shoot this.

But before we got to the shooting process, we needed to officially cast the film. Six out of seven cast members are from CalArts—California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, where the six of us trained, so we had all known each other for years and had worked together. But, we couldn’t find the right Amy in our community, so we set up a casting session and in walked the beautiful and talented Liz Fenning. She blew me away.

Just in case you were wondering, Sharon is NOT like her character. At all. Right!?

While a few of the cast members were written to play to the extremes of their personalities, Jesse was not written for me, so I’m not like her at all. Back at CalArts, we had a theatre professor who spoke to preparing for characters from the outside in. I took that one step further, so I prepare bottom up, outside in. Meaning, I start from the ground. Quite literally—what shoes am I wearing? How does that inform the way I move? What am I wearing? Wardrobe has me in cut-offs, a midriff bearing fringed top, and a flower crown. The script tells me that Jessie is a vegan lesbian. So I conclude that Jessie is a Coachella-going Gemini, a June Gemini, which means she’s extra crazy, which you’ll see in an awesome car scene. She loves animals more than humans, and women more than men, but for the sake of self-preservation, I will do ANYTHING. When it comes down to my ass of yours, you better believe I’ll see to it that it’s your ass not mine. That’s Jesse.

Sharon had a crush on Freddy, Jason and Chucky as a kid.

When I was a little girl, I absolutely LOVED horror films. In fact, I found them comically awesome. I consumed the franchises of Chucky, Friday the 13th, and The Nightmare on Elm Street. My best friend from childhood, Katy, and I would reenact scenes and try to scare each other. We thought scaring each other was so funny! Her older sister, Missy, was the best at scaring us, though. I’ll never forget Katy and I were having a sleep over in her living room and Missy managed to push the rocking chair and screamed, convincing us that a ghost was in the living room watching us sleep. So simple, yet so creepy! But one day, I grew weak of stomach. In fact, Ajala and I went to see Hatchet 3 to support our friend, Victor A, Sandoval, who costume designed the film. Maybe 20 minutes in when people’s spines were hanging from trees, I was screaming, covering my eyes, saying I can’t! I can’t! I can’t! I ran out of the theatre horrified. Scaring me is a lot of fun-- just ask the zombies at Knotts Scary Farm. I ran through the haunted house until I got cornered. My friend had to peel me off the floor, screaming for help with my hands over my ears, swarmed by zombies. They got me good.

Sharon's hope for the film...

Love us. Love to hate us. I’m so thrilled you know we exist! For our film to have done so well outside the film festival circuit is beyond what I imagined within the realm of possibility, which teaches me to dare to dream bigger.

Sharon on where people can find the movie..

You can find OMG…We’re in a Horror Movie!!! at iTunes and Google Play today. We are rolling to other platforms as well this year, so be on the look out for us!


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