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If you have not watched the recent episode of The Flash then do not read ahead.

So I just finished watching The Flash season 2 episode 15: King Shark, in which we get to see more of this half man half shark meta-human in action. The episode starts off with everyone upset about Jay Garrick's death and how Zoom managed to snap Jay back to Earth-2. Caitlin is very upset especially because the is the 2nd man she loved in which this is the 2nd man she watched die right in front of her.

Meanwhile, we see Harrison "Harry" Wells and his daughter Jesse Wells adjusting to their new life on Earth-1. Seems like Jesse is having a harder time since there is no way back to Earth-2.

Other than that we (the audience) as well as John Diggle is surprised when A.R.G.U.S. is keeping one of the most dangerous meta-humans. Diggle's wife Lyla reveals that A.R.G.U.S. kept King Shark a secret from everyone else. This happened when King Shark attempted to kill The Flash, but failed in which A.R.G.U.S. imprisoned King Shark in an aquarium. Look at the picture below:

King Shark escaping from his prison cell
King Shark escaping from his prison cell

Now we are at the point where we now know King Shark will most likely be hunting down The Flash. After this occurred the episode goes into Joe West's house where Barry, Wally, and Iris are as well as Joe West himself. It shows them having a good time in which Wally is trying to get a fast time of stacking cups. When they ask Barry he declines in which he doesn't look too happy. Wally ends up leaving to meet up with some friends and Iris and Joe begin questioning what happened to him on Earth-2. The next day we are in S.T.A.R. LABS where it still shows Caitlin cold, upset, and probably angry at what happened. Barry is talking to Cisco about what happened and then suddenly Lyla and Diggle show up with some not so great news. Lyla and Diggle tell Barry that one of their meta-humans escaped from A.R.G.U.S last night in which that meta-human is King Shark. This shocks Caitlin, Cisco, and Barry as they had thought King Shark was dead when Earth-2 Dr. Wells shot him, but apparently it just knocked him out leading to A.R.G.U.S capturing him. They then think of ways of how to find/track down King Shark by finding his doppelganger. This fails because when the Particle Accelerator exploded it killed King Shark's doppelganger. However the doppelganger had a wife in which she studies sharks. This leads Caitlin and Cisco to go find her and ask her about any useful information about sharks. Meanwhile, Lyla and Diggle as well as Barry go and try to fight King Shark, but this results in A.R.G.U.S agents being killed and eaten by King Shark. Knowing that there has to be some other way to defeat him, they go back to S.T.A.R. LABS to figure out another way. After this the Flash goes back to his house to help Wally out with a project, but this goes wrong when King Shark ambushes their house by destroying part of the roof. Apparently King Shark was able to track down the Flash in which he questions both Barry and Wally on where the Flash is. Joe has everyone go upstairs in which Barry quickly runs out to fight King Shark. After attempting to fight King Shark, the evil meta-human ends up throwing Barry against a car resulting in Barry breaking a few bones (which isn't that bad since Barry can heal fast). Wally calls Barry a coward since he didn't come help them clean up the mess that King Shark made. Wally also calls Barry perfect because of the fact that Iris and Joe talk about Barry all the time and how Barry has pictures of himself all around the house. Iris and Joe finally put their foot down and ask Barry what happened on Earth-2. Knowing that both Jay and Dr. Wells told Cisco and Barry not to tell anyone about what happened, Barry disobeys this by saying that he met Earth-2 Joe and Iris. He tells Iris that her doppelganger was a cop and that Joe's doppelganger was a singer. He then goes on to say that Killer Frost and Deathstorm ambushed the coffee shop resulting in the place getting destroyed and the death of Earth-2 Joe West.

Soon after Cisco and Caitlin are able to discover how to track down King Shark. They figured out that since King Shark is part shark, he is able to track down the Flash because of the Flash using electricity when he runs. Sharks have this ability to see or use their senses to track down electrical things. They discover that if they reverse this process then they will be able to track down King Shark. So Caitlin, Lyla, Diggle, and Barry go down to the docks and wait for King Shark to arrive. Cisco has created a fake Flash in which they use this as bait for King Shark. This plan actually works when King Shark eats the fake Flash, but when they thing they have got him King Shark jumps out of the water and lands on the docks. He tells everyone that he will kill the Flash and then he will kill everybody else. The Flash then has a race with King Shark by running on water in which they get to a point where the Flash begins to electrocute the water by running in a circle and creating this vortex of electricity. This results in King Shark being electrocuted by the water in which he is knocked out. After this they are able to reel King Shark back into the docks in which he is then put back in prison (the episode only shows them pulling King Shark back in).

Getting tired yet? Well, we are almost done.

After their plan is successful the show jumps into the coffee shop where Joe tells Wally that Barry isn't perfect, that his mother died when he was 11, and that his father was accused of murder resulting in him going to prison. He tells Wally that they don't favor Barry, but that they care for him. Joe says that Barry is his son and he tells Wally that he is his son. Right before we thing the show is over, it isn't.

The show ends with Zoom carrying Jay back to the prison in Earth-2. Zoom then throws (the possibly dead Jay Garrick) on the ground. After this Zoom takes off his mask in which he reveals his true self, Hunter Zolomon. So back in a previous episode of the Flash, Caitlin and Jay wonder what his doppelganger looks like on Earth-1. They actually are able to find him in which Earth-1 Jay reveals to be actually a man named Hunter Zolomon. There have been many articles speculating who is Zoom. Well now we know that Zoom isn't Barry's father, or Dr. Wells, but Zoom is actually Hunter Zolomon, Earth-1 doppelganger of Jay Garrick. Check out the video below of Zoom revealing his true self.

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