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There's a lot you can say for Breaking Bad, the phenomenon that changed the face of television with its high stakes, big budget action, and wonderfully detailed and utterly human characters.

Such was the popularity of the show that more than 10.3 million people watched the final episode back in 2013, and even then there was already chattering in the fanbase about the potential for Breaking Bad to be adapted into a video game.

A 'Breaking Bad' Video Game?

It's not too huge a stretch to imagine, especially when you take Breaking Bad's more violent fantastical elements into account. RV chases through the desert, torture, drug abuse, people getting their faces blown half off.... fun for all the family.

But even when it ended, it didn't really end. The critically acclaimed show spin-off Better Call Saul is currently airing its second season, and both show creator Vince Gilligan and actor Aaron Paul (who portrayed Jesse Pinkman) are interested in the concept of a Jesse centered spin-off too.

Last year the concept of a Breaking Bad video game was tossed around once again as Sony filed a trademark with The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market database in Europe (a.k.a. the OHIM, that's less of a mouthful). This patent pertained to — you got it — a product called Breaking Bad.

Sony Trademarking 'Breaking Bad' Rights

What is Sony doing messing around with the Breaking Bad name? Well, here's where it gets interesting. The classes registered with the OHIM all refer to gaming products and services, specifically "computer gaming software," "reconfigurable casino and lottery gaming equipment," and "gaming services."

Could it be...?
Could it be...?

The trademark was registered on October 14, 2015, and expires on June 5, 2025. So for the next decade Sony owns the rights to creating any physical video games, gaming software, casino equipment, or online gaming services associated with the Breaking Bad name.

Does This Mean...?

That we're getting a Breaking Bad video game for PC and PS4? Well, anything can happen but — before you get too excited — a trademark does not necessarily a franchise make.

It's entirely possible that the gaming giant could've licensed the series on the off chance that they do ever decide to make a video game off the back of the TV show, it doesn't mean that it's a given.

As a show which based its success off the cord it struck between violence and story, explosions and character, it could be difficult to capture what made Breaking Bad so special in the medium of a video game while still keeping it interesting enough to play through.

But a slew of games have emerged over the past few years that have balanced action and narrative to critically acclaimed effect, from The Last of Us to the Telltale series, the potential of video games is higher than ever these days.

Perhaps a LEGO game, as created by Brian K Animation on YouTube? (Okay probably not, but you have to admit it looks pretty amazing.)

In the meantime, there's always the Breaking Bad mobile meth lab GTA V mod, as created by Abstract Mode. We can dream, we can dream.

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