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Norman Reedus has once again proven that we are all Daryl Dixon, after he combined wish fulfillment with firepower to combat the plague that is the hoverboard.

How what is essentially a handleless version of what is universally regarded as the saddest possible form of transport (I'm looking at you, Segway) has suddenly become the go-to vehicle for Justin Bieber-types is totally beyond me, but anyone who's encountered the hoverboard knows how annoying they can be.

Luckily, Daryl has given us a bit of cathartic relief from the two-wheeled light-up demons in a hilarious sketch from Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Check out the breakdown below!

At first it looked like just a regular episode of 'The Walking Dead'

But then Daryl came across some curious packages in the back of a van

And came face to face with his most irritating enemy yet

Luckily, Daryl knew just what it would take to put those roller Walkers in their rightful place

Check out the whole video for yourself and be prepared to feel very, very satisfied.

Which object do you hate enough to let Daryl Dixon shoot?

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