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The team behind Deadpool should feel pretty pleased with themselves as February comes to a close, considering the superhero movie's historic box office run in its opening weekend (a whopping $150 million!) was beyond phenomenal, and it's confirmed status as one of the highest-grossing features in the X-Men Universe. Here's the pumping trailer:

Indeed, you can't argue with the fact that the studio demands a huge pat on the back for its colossal effort to make the movie a smash hit. Thankfully, the people over at 20th Century Fox recognized this, too, and decided to celebrate in the most jubilant way possible. How, you ask? Well, with crispy chimichangas and a mariachi band decked out with Deadpool's signature mask, obviously.

Yep, apparently Fox CEO Jim Gianopulos threw a huge bash to celebrate the movie's incredible opening. On February 16 the production team welcomed an enthusiastic mariachi band, Deadpool's favorite cholesterol-inducing chimichangas from Santa Monica's Tacos Por Favor, and (keeping in line with the movie's crude hilarity) blow job shots — a delicious mixture of Baileys, Kahlúa and Amaretto topped with whipped cream. You didn't think this lot would be satisfied with a boring pizza party, did you?

Although director Tim Miller and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were there to take part in the celebratory shenanigans, the movie's leading man Ryan Reynolds was sadly not in attendance.

Thankfully, he stopped by to say hi to the marketing team the following day, where he also said thank you to everyone and snapped this cheeky shot — just look at this wonderful array of beaming faces:

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