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Last week, a reader's letter to the Windsor Star went viral on Facebook for criticizing, if not insulting, viewers who could laugh at the jokes in Deadpool.

'Deadpool' Is 'Sick-Minded And Perverted'

The letter, which calls the movie "sick-minded and perverted," has generated an outraged backlash among Facebook commenters, who pointed out that the movie was simply meant to be sick minded and perverted.


What Did You Expect?

Although some critics have argued that Deadpool didn't go as far as it could have and remains a pretty conventional superhero origins story, it's true that calling it out for using dirty, in-your-face type of humor equals to forgetting the whole marketing campaign and what the Deadpool character is all about.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

What's more, one of the refreshing aspects of the movie was its self-awareness. Like in the comics, where Deadpool knows he is a character in a book, the movie breaks the fourth wall by addressing the viewers. It also doesn't shy away from poking a little at other superhero franchises, making fun of the X-Men budget and teasing this guy whose name rhymes with Polverine.

As Deadpool himself would say, "Surprise, this is a different kind of superhero story."

Did you enjoy the jokes in 'Deadpool'?

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