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Gods Of Egypt is about to hit cinemas, and the high-octane historical action movie loosely based on mythology is sure to wow audiences. So far the the trailers and clips have been as off the wall and deliciously rendered with CGI as we had expected.

The plot seems complex, bordering on the incomprehensible. Mortals teaming up with gods to take down another god is all well and good, but there's spaceships to contend with now, hinting that this film might veer into a scifi/fantasy genre mashup epic. Because why the hell not!

All in all, this film is set to be one of the most explosive and mind blowing of all of 2016's cinematic offerings. And we've already got our eye on a sequel. So here's what we'd like to see in the yet to be announced Gods Of Egypt 2!

More Egyptian Gods!

Egyptian mythology has a plethora of weird and wonderful gods, and their legends are rich with storytelling potential. Instead of getting stuck in a pseudo-Christian system of an all powerful father god, the golden son, and the demonic evil god antagonist, why not branch out and use all the gods that Egyptian mythology has to offer! Such as...

Sekhmet: Lion Headed Warrior

Art by Shoomiah on Deviantart
Art by Shoomiah on Deviantart

Sekhmet was one of Egypt's most popular goddesses. Usually depicted with the head of a cat, Sekhmet was a warrior god who was also associated with healing and was also known as the Lady Of Slaughter. In legends she lead the Pharaohs in battle. She was involved in the creation of the world, forming the deserts with her breath.

As the daughter of Ra, who is portrayed by Geoffrey Rush in Gods Of Egypt, Sekhmet would slot very easily into the film's sequel. And how badass would it be to see a lion-headed goddess on the big screen? Plus, her battle sequences would be intense.

Ammit: The Devourer

Art by Morrokko on Deviantart
Art by Morrokko on Deviantart

Ammit is one of the most badass of Egyptian deities: part lion, part crocodile, part hippopotamus, Ammit was made up of all the predators which the Egyptians most feared. She was known as the Devourer of the Dead, because of her involvement in the afterlife myths.

When Egyptians died, their organs were removed and placed in jars. The legend goes that Anubis would weigh the deceased's heart against a feather. If it was lighter than the feather, the person's heart was pure and they gained access to the afterlife. But if it was heavier then Ammit would eat the heart, dooming the person to wander the Earth forever.

So, a trip to the afterlife in Gods Of Egypt 2, complete with a chase scene as our heroes are pursued by the terrifying Ammit? Heck yes, this would be great.

Isis & Osiris

The myth of Isis and Osiris is one of Egypt's best known stories. And it seems as though parts of the story have been adapted for Gods Of Egypt... basically, Set kills his brother Osiris, but his wife Isis has a child called Horus who eventually challenges Set for control of Egypt. Gods Of Egypt has cut out the middle man, having Horus challenge Set directly. Osiris and Isis seem to have been erased from the story completely, but that's not to say they couldn't be included in the sequel!

Gods Of Egypt 2 could focus on the resurrection of Osiris, which Isis succeeds in doing because she's badass and awesome. Of course, she has the help of her sister Nephthys. Together, Isis and Nephthys represent life and death, and they manage to bring Osiris back from the afterlife. This might make Gods Of Egypt 2 a prequel, which would be an interesting twist.

Endless Possibilities...

There really are endless possibilities when it comes to adapting Egyptian mythology. We'd also love to see more actors join the franchise: Rami Malek, Idris Elba, Morena Baccarin, and Gina Torres are first on our list, and there are many characters from the legends they could portray. Gina Torres as Sekhmet would be awesome, as would Idris Elba and Morena Baccarin as Osiris and Isis.

Until the sequel is announced, we'll just have to continue speculating about what the plot could be. So what would you like to see in Gods Of Egypt 2? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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