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The shocking moment where Paz de la Huerta was struck by an ambulance and left with a broken tailbone and spinal fracture on the set of Nurse 3D has been released, and the footage seems to make it clear that de la Huerta wasn't at fault.

Paz is currently suing Lionsgate for the life-changing injuries she sustained after having to take a break from acting to undergo almost 20 surgeries. Releasing the footage is part of her campaign to receive a payout from the studio. Check out the video of the accident below:

De la Huerta's case states that the studio should have provided a proper stunt walkthrough and also claims that producers neglected to let her know in detail what the stunt was going to involve.

Paz also released the following statement with the footage to explain the impact of the accident on her life:

As you can see in the video, what happened that night was terrible. It has scarred me both physically and emotionally for many years. I just want justice to be done and for the people responsible to be held accountable. And, more than anything, what I want is to get back to the thing I love the most, which is acting.

Hope you get well soon, Paz.

Were you shocked at the footage of Paz de la Huerta being injured on set?

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