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Do you remember 1989 kids' classic Little Monsters? Sure you do, it went a little something like this...

Or did it? Redditor King_Buliwyf has a brutal fan theory capable of crushing the living joy out of this cute kids' movie. The theory? This fan favorite film is actually about the dangers of pedophiles.

The OP posits the following instances of 'pedophilic behavior' in Little Monsters:

Strange man-child (Maurice) stealing a young boy away to a world where "no one tells you what you can't do." Parents mustn't be told.

The stolen child is from a broken (breaking) home and is looking for a friend when he is taken advantage of.

The boy is taken under the pretense of friendship, but is eventually meant to be given to another, even stranger man-child (Boy). Boy, by the way, wears a schoolboy outfit with knee-high socks. He also wears a young face to hide a literal monster underneath.

Even assuming Maurice and the other Little Monsters are children, they are rounding up other innocent children to be used and abused by the only two adults in their world, Snick and Boy.

Brian only sees how awful their world is when they try to abuse a baby right in its crib, and refuse to stop.

Boy kidnaps Brian's little brother Eric and keeps him obviously drugged and in a box. When Brian refuses to submit, he tosses him into a box as well.

The villains can only be defeated by "shining a light" on them and their actions.

This is all a little too reminiscent of Falcor the Luck Dragon sounding like a real old perv in hindsight...

The OP even provides some freaky lines of dialogue that, admittedly, could be read as double entendres from a more grown-up perspective:

MAURICE: Man's best friend, his right hand.

SNICK: You're scared of me, aren't you Arnold? I like that. Oooh, I love that. *deep heavy breathing*

MAURICE: Dead kids have limited potential, and I don't think Boy would like damaged goods.

SNICK: You bring a kid in here, and tell him our secrets! If you can't get him, I will!

MAURICE: Where there's a bed there's a way.

MAURICE: Got em, got em, need em! *cups dick and balls*

MAURICE: You gotta get up there, cuz you're gonna get married pretty soon. To an 11-year old boy.

BOY: I'll let them all go, if you'll stay... and be my paaaal.

An interesting theory or wanton destruction of a childhood favorite? You decide!

Source: Reddit, Youtube


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